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How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Google Data Studio

How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Google Data Studio

Being able to interpret your marketing data effectively is one thing, but having the ability to connect it all in the right space is another.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Google Data Studio can thankfully be integrated, so data becomes accessible to analyse - direct from its source, Dynamics CRM.

There are many benefits to syncing your data into Google Data Studio:

  • It allows you to import data from various sources and platforms, from Google Ads and Analytics, to Youtube - as well as the key CRM tools you use within your business. This means you can access all-encompassing reports of your data in Google Data Studio, without having to use multiple other tools.
  • Google Data Studio is designed to make customising reports simple, meaning they’re easy to read with effective visualisations.
  • Added widgets enable you to break down data into accessible and informative chunks, with endless graphs, pie charts, and data representation methods. Doing this means analysing your data and interpreting the results of marketing campaigns becomes simple.
  • Google Data Studio is free!

The first step towards accessing these benefits is to integrate the two apps, so your data from Microsoft Dynamics is available in Data Studio. However, integrating the two is complicated, and there are more effective ways to do it without all the added steps.

Here’s our guide on how you can easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Google Data Studio.

Connecting data between Microsoft Dynamics and Google Data Studio

There are plenty of guides online on how to connect data from Microsoft Dynamics with Google Data Studio.

Many of these guides demonstrate how to generate one-time reports in Google Data Studio using data from Dynamics. This involves a lot of tech knowledge and an understanding of coding, as you have to manually link the two together in order to sync the flow of data.

There is an easier way to streamline the flow of data between the two apps, which we’ll guide you through below!

Easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Google Data Studio

Although Dynamics 365 is an unparalleled marketing tool on many levels, it can’t do it all on its own.

There are some elements of the platform that can be enhanced with the use of other applications - such as Google Data Studio.

As we mentioned above, connecting data between these two platforms isn’t easy.

This is why Ruler Analytics was created, to streamline the processes involved with marketing attribution and make your data easier to analyse.

Ruler is a comprehensive marketing attribution tool that tracks touchpoints from leads right from their first interaction with your business to becoming lifelong advocates.

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Feeding this vital data into your preferred CRM and data representation apps, Ruler provides the ability to effectively manage your data in ways that help you drive revenue and boost business performance. 

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Ruler provides a streamlined solution that links together all your marketing data, from communications to form entries and multiple visits across various platforms.

With the ability to visualise this data in one space without wasting time, Ruler is the way forward for both productivity and campaign optimisation.

Try your free Ruler Analytics demo today

Ruler is here to revolutionise the way you do marketing. Without endless hours syncing data and integrating apps, you’re free to focus on what matters.

If you have any questions about the way Ruler works, you can chat to our friendly team now. Just click the live chat button in the corner and we’ll get back to you within minutes! Or you can ook your free Ruler demo with our team now to see it in action for yourself.

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