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How to integrate Zoho CRM with Intercom

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Intercom

Intercom is an easy to use customer communication tool with an all-in-one platform.

It can help you build meaningful relationships with your consumers, via engaging messaging tools and intuitive chat bots.

Live chat is an ideal way to automate your communication strategies while still enhancing that relationship with the consumer.

Integrating Intercom with Zoho is a must, if you want to manage the data between the two effectively.

This means you’ll be able to utilise the data sent from your Intercom live chats in Zoho - and make the most out of it!

Here’s our guide to integrating Intercom and Zoho using Ruler Analytics.

Track LiveChat leads and touchpoints

If you use Ruler Analytics, you’ll understand just how powerful a tool it is for collating visitor data in a way that makes sense. Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that works with Intercom and Zoho to determine specific information about each of your visitors.

Live chat leads are a vital way to manage communications with your customers and turn them into conversions. If any anonymous visitor sends a live chat message, Ruler matches their details to each touchpoint and interaction they’ve had with your site.

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Ruler then feeds this information back into Intercom and Zoho, so you know exactly the route each visitor has taken. This means you can focus on improving conversions, rather than trying to pinpoint all the touchpoints yourself.

Make use of the Ruler dashboard

Ruler’s easy to use dashboard is where you’ll be able to see all your essential marketing attribution data. 

It intuitively tracks those key customer touchpoints that have led to revenue and interactions, keeping note of each visitor’s interactions with your site and the apps it uses.

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From visitor counts with lead conversion rates, to form completion success rates and the revenue you’ve made along the way… Ruler keeps all those must-know pieces of information in one simple space. All while working to integrate with Zoho, Intercom, and your other apps.

Send Intercom Data to Your Everyday Workflow Apps 

Ruler gets to work managing the flow of data between Intercom and other marketing platforms you use.

Whether that’s Google Analytics or Facebook Ads, Ruler streamlines your Intercom and Zoho data effectively so you can find it where it matters most.

Increase Revenue with Intercom Zoho Integration

Rest. Sit back while Ruler does the work for you.

Ruler automates the way you work with your data, and it’ll send that valuable live chat and communication info from Intercom directly to Zoho, as well as the other marketing apps you prefer.

You can then start spotting where your revenue can be attributed back to. Which live chats have made a difference, and how they’ve worked with the consumer to seal a deal. This is how Ruler enables you to attribute marketing deals, so you can clearly understand your best route of action.

Integrate Zoho and Intercom Seamlessly with Ruler Analytics

Managing your marketing attribution flows can be hectic.

We’ve come up with the solution you’re looking for, making those busy work days that little bit easier. Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution whiz, that connects the dots between your favourite apps and the data you need. Integrate Zoho with Intercom seamlessly with Ruler.

Ruler is the one-stop answer if you’re just too busy to fuss over the smaller details.

Sometimes though, it’s those smaller details that really make all the difference. With Ruler, everything becomes streamlined within one easy to navigate space.

If you’re interested in seeing just what Ruler can do for you, book our free demo today.

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