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How to transfer leads from Linkedin to Zoho

How to transfer leads from Linkedin to Zoho

Linkedin Lead Ads provide a dynamic way to appeal to your chosen audiences. 

With over 810 million professional users, Linkedin provides ample access to those key consumer targets you’re looking for. Despite this, it can be time consuming to track and successfully monitor how well your Linkedin Ads are performing without the use of additional tools.

This is where Zoho CRM comes in, as it’s possible to transfer leads from Linkedin to Zoho. Integrating these two platforms is a must if you’re hoping to derive critical data and analyse the results of your marketing efforts on Linkedin.

Here’s how you can transfer leads from Linkedin to Zoho with minimal fuss.

Transfer Leads from Linkedin to Zoho CRM

Transferring leads from LinkedIn to Zoho is easy when you know how. Just follow the steps below to get started.

If you have already connected Zoho CRM and Zoho Social:

  • From your Zoho Social dashboard, click the ‘Lead Forms’ tab on the far left side of your navigation bar.
  • Select ‘Set Up Linkedin Leads Ads Now’ to be taken through the Linkedin Zoho integration process.
  • If you have previously linked your Zoho CRM and Zoho Social accounts, you’ll be presented with the option to Edit Mapping. This allows you to manually configure the map fields of Lead Forms as they’re transferred into the CRM.
  • If you don’t want to manually edit mapping, just click the blue ‘Proceed’ button and your fields will be automatically mapped.

If you haven’t already connected Zoho CRM and Zoho Social:

  • On your Zoho Social dashboard, click the Settings tab (the cog icon) and choose ‘Lead Generation’.
  • You’ll see a toggle button that says “Sync Linkedin Lead Ads with Zoho CRM”, along with the button’s status. Switch on the button if you want to automatically sync data between Linkedin Lead Ads and Zoho.
  • Once this button is on, you can see all the data you need in Zoho. Go to the Posts tab at the top bar, and select ‘Lead Generation’. Use the Auto Sync toggle to manage your sync settings, filter by lead status, and edit mapping for form fields all from one space.
  • You’ve now successfully transferred leads from Linkedin to Zoho!

Easiest way to transfer leads from Linkedin to Zoho?

You can essentially forget everything we’ve listed in the above guide to transferring leads from Linkedin to Zoho.

Why? Because with Ruler Analytics, we’ve made all that additional work unnecessary.

Ruler is our forward-thinking automation and marketing attribution tool that saves you time, and money.

We’ve made it so you can track entire customer journeys, complete with touchpoints across platforms, without having to do all the integration work yourself.

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With Ruler Analytics, the flow of data between your Linkedin and Zoho accounts is automatic.

You’ll also find even more data on your leads, even the anonymous ones.

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All this data is then streamlined so you can pinpoint where users and leads have engaged with your brand, and what’s working to convert them.

Ruler Analytics: Marketing attribution made simple 

Ruler works to capture users and leads from your Linkedin Ads, passing the data you need between the apps you use the most. This gives you and your sales teams more time to think about how to use the data best, optimising your marketing approach.

If you think Ruler could help you and your business, we’re ready to get you started. Book a Ruler Analytics demo to find out more! Or get in touch with us via our live chat tool on the site.

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