Improve Your CallRail Reports With Ruler Analytics Attribution Data

Katie Holmes
11th October 2021

Increase customer journey visibility and understand which marketing channels drive the highest quality phone leads with the CallRail and Ruler Analytics integration.

Most marketers know they need to track all touchpoints, online and offline, to fully understand the customer journey. It’s for that reason why the CallRail and Ruler integration has become such a popular solution.

With the CallRail with Ruler integration, you can track a lead’s activities across the full customer journey and use that insight to fine-tune your marketing strategy for maximum ROI.

Keep reading to learn how Ruler supports CallRail, what features it includes and how it can help you get more out of your reporting.

What is CallRail?

Chances are you’re already using CallRail, or at the very least know what it is. Currently, it holds 21.91% of the call tracking software marketing share.

For the sake of clarity, however, let’s take a look at how it works. CallRail is an intuitive and powerful third-party call tracking solution for data-driven marketers. 

Call tracking is CallRail’s staple product and has helped over 150,000 businesses monitor, record and evaluate inbound phone calls. 

CallRail provides a detailed view of every inbound call and reports back on the online sources that are generating the most leads, allowing you to capitalise on opportunities and avoid areas that aren’t paying off.

Drawbacks of CallRail’s attribution reporting

CallRail has made it possible for marketers to measure the impact of their marketing on inbound phone calls, but it isn’t perfect.

Primarily focused on call and form conversions

While you can capture calls and forms with CallRail, you can’t track leads from chats and eCommerce transactions. If your leads convert through various communication channels, besides form fills and calls, then you won’t get credit for them. 

Missing and incomplete data to track end-to-end journeys

Most often, leads generated by marketing are passed onto the sales tracking or CRM system. It’s at this stage where most marketers lose visibility. 

Reporting in CallRail only goes so far by showing how many inbound calls are generated per campaign and source. It provides little to no insight on what happens to leads once they’re handed off to sales. 

Marketers are left to rely on call and lead volume metrics to measure marketing success and justify investments. While these metrics offer some value, they don’t tell you much about the quality of your leads, how far they make it into the sales funnel or if they convert into revenue.

What is Ruler Analytics?

Ruler is a marketing attribution solution for digital marketers who want to measure, track and analyse lead and customer behaviour across the full customer lifecycle. 

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It completely aligns marketing and sales activity by attributing closed revenue correctly across multiple channels, campaigns, keywords, ads and more. 

Besides its ability to capture live chat and form conversions, Ruler can also track phone calls and attribute them to the correct traffic source over multiple sessions, keywords, ads and more.


“Attribution is king. Without it, we’re in muddy water. Ruler paints the picture for our marketing team. It tells us who’s converting, where they’re coming from and which ads are working.” Kurt Dunphy, Growth Manager at Rally.

How Rally used Ruler to get visibility of lead source

Ruler works by capturing individual visits to your website over multiple sessions and traffic sources. When an anonymous user converts into a lead, Ruler will create a customer journey, including every action and touchpoint that led to the conversion.  

The lead’s marketing source and conversion data captured in Ruler is sent to your CRM, allowing you to monitor their movements as they navigate through the sales funnel.

When a lead converts into a sale or deal, the revenue amount is sent back to Ruler. Here you can measure the impact of your marketing channels through the lens of different attribution models and track what impact they’ve had on your revenue growth. 

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➡️ Download the guide on how Ruler works and see how it’s attribution data can improve the quality of your marketing reports.

How can Ruler help you get more out of CallRail?

Ruler lets you transfer your CallRail leads directly into the Ruler dashboard, allowing you to tie any marketing touchpoint you want to that contact. 

It then sends your CallRail leads and their touchpoints to your CRM.

Here you can see which marketing sources bring the most qualified leads to your business.

When a CallRail lead converts into a customer or sale, the revenue data is sent back to Ruler, where it’s assigned to the correct marketing source.

Such connectivity provides you with more visibility into your customer journeys and shows which channels are most successful at driving ROI for your business.

Let’s take a closer look at the CallRail and Ruler integration. 

Access to form, live chat and offline conversion tracking

CallRail is a great tool for tracking inbound phone calls.

But you won’t get a full view of your customer journeys unless you’re also tracking forms and live chat conversions.

With Ruler, you can track every conversion type, including calls, forms and live chat, to ensure each and every marketing lead is accounted for.

More visibility into the full customer journey

Ruler allows you to drill down deeper into your marketing touchpoints.

By integrating Ruler, you can track the activities of your CallRail leads across the entire customer journey and use that insight to optimise your campaigns for better results.

Better understanding of visitor behaviour

With the Ruler and CallRail integration, you can collect key information on your visitors, such as what marketing channels they used to find you, what pages they looked at and what actions they took on your website. 

Integrates with the tools you use every day 

Ruler can feed CallRail leads and revenue data directly into Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook, allowing you to see phone calls as conversions against your traditional metrics.

You’ll not only see which marketing sources bring in the most leads but also how much revenue they’ve contributed to your bottom line.

➡️ Below are additional resources on Ruler and how it works to close the loop between leads and revenue. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of CallRail and Ruler?

CallRail provides you with a call tracking system that is affordable and easy to use.

It has a range of features that can help track your phone calls and provides key insights into the performance of different marketing sources.

But, by enriching CallRail with Ruler’s Attribution data, you can pull in further information about your visitor’s journeys, craft more targeted campaigns, and boost ROI.

Note: Want more info? Book a demo and see how the Ruler and CallRail integration can improve the quality of your marketing reports.