Best DreamData Alternatives to Try in 2023

Laura Caveney
7th September 2022

If you’re considering adding DreamData to your marketing stack, then hold up. We walk you through DreamData alternatives that will help you refine your marketing tech stack. 

Marketing attribution is a highly sought after tool for modern marketers. But before you leap into integrating a tool like DreamData, you might want to consider other alternatives on the market. 

We analyse and share the five best alternatives for the marketing attribution tool, DreamData. 

What is DreamData?

DreamData is a marketing attribution tool for B2B marketers looking to understand how their marketing drives revenue. 

The tool works by collating and gathering data across your apps to highlight data on revenue attribution, your customer journeys and more. But is it the right tool for your business? 

While DreamData does offer a free version of their tool, the data you’ll see is extremely limited. Their pricing starts at $499 per month for just 10,000 website visitors per month. 

5 alternatives to DreamData

Before you jump into integrating DreamData into your martech, why not consider these five alternatives? We walk you through each one and what they have to offer. 

Let’s dive in. 

Ruler Analytics

First up is Ruler Analytics. Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that makes for a great alternative to DreamData. Similarly to DreamData, it allows you to track your revenue attribution and view your full customer journeys. 

It also supports marketers who want to attribute leads and revenue to their opportunity pipeline. This allows businesses to better forecast and understand how leads and revenue drive through the funnel. 

Ruler is the perfect tool to match data from your website, to your CRM, and to marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads. You’ll be able to see your lead source and marketing data in your CRM. And, you’ll be able to see your closed revenue in your marketing reporting tools and ad tools. 

Pricing: Ruler’s marketing attribution starts at £199 per month

🚀 Pro Tip

Check out Ruler and all the functions and reports it offers by booking a demo. Our experts will show how it can solve your specific pain points and help you drive more revenue through marketing.


Adinton has a marketing attribution tool within its suite. This tool allows you to track your marketing spend, clicks and conversions. You can then see reports which will show you how effective your marketing channels are and whether you over or under-invested in your channels. 

Once the data has been collected and collated, Adinton will advise you on how to improve your campaign performance. 

Pricing: From $79 per month


Funnel is a data collection tool that collects marketing and advertising data and transforms it into reports to help you make data-driven decisions. 

With Funnel, you can view the impact of each of your marketing channels and see how they impact your goals. 

Given Funnel collects the data for you, you can rest easy without any need to compile data from multiple sources. You can also import the data into your favourite tools like Google Data Studio, Sheets, and Google Analytics.

Pricing: From $499 per month 


CallRail began life as a call tracking tool for marketers to link offline sales to their online marketing. It’s since grown to become a marketing attribution tool in its own right, allowing marketers to better track and understand how their marketing channels and campaigns drive revenue. 

With CallRail, you can track calls, forms and live chat and track these conversions as part of a full customer journey. 

Pricing: CallRail offers a free trial and their products combine to build a bespoke bundle so prices are customised to your needs but quickly scale depending on website visitors etc. 


HubSpot CRM is a tool used by organisations across the world. It offers tools like marketing automation, lead management and more. One tool it offers that makes it a good alternative to DreamData is marketing attribution and call tracking. 

Pairing your CRM with HubSpot’s built-in CRM means all of your data is in one place and is easily integrated and accessible. 

However, HubSpot’s marketing attribution comes at a cost. Read our complete guide to HubSpot attribution and how to find a more cost-effective solution. 

Pricing: Hubspot Attribution is part of the Enterprise plan which starts at £2,624 per month. 

Wrapping up 

Remember, when looking at tools like DreamData, it’s important to consider what features you need and at what cost you’re prepared to pay to get them. 

DreamData offers a wealth of data but it comes at a high cost. 

With a tool like Ruler Analytics, you can track all the major conversion events and view full customer journeys and just get the data you really need, where you need it most.  

Ruler tracks inbound calls, forms and live chat conversations allowing you to understand how these conversion points are driven and which result in revenue for your business. 

Want to learn how to track users through their entire customer journey? Download our guide to tracking touchpoints as part of the full customer journey to see how you can link your closed sales back to the influencing marketing channels and campaigns. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Ruler Analytics, then read why you need to integrate it into your marketing stack. It’s the perfect alternative to DreamData as it allows you to easily view the data you need, in the apps you need it most. Or get stuck in and book a demo with the team.