Leadsrx Marketing Attribution Alternatives and Competitors for 2022 

Katie Holmes
21st September 2021

Get to know all the Leadsrx alternatives and pick an attribution software solution that can measure success at every stage of the user journey and allows you to optimise for maximum ROI.

As any marketer will tell you, an attribution tool is essential to achieving and obtaining the best possible results.

When it comes to choosing a marketing attribution solution, LeadsRx is a popular go-to option. 

While LeadsRx offers a wealth of data on your lead generation performance, there are other marketing attribution tools out there that can help you better understand your leads and highlight the marketing channels that drive the greatest ROI.

On that note, for this article, we review the best alternatives to LeadsRx and list some key differentiators to help determine which tool is right for your reporting needs.

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Ruler is a visitor level marketing attribution tool for forms, phone calls and live chat, evidencing every step a visitor makes in their journey and matching revenue back to the marketing source.

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What is LeadsRx?

In a nutshell, LeadsRx is a cloud-based multi-touch attribution software solution. It provides businesses with appropriate information to track how marketing influences leads and revenue. 

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Like most marketing attribution tools, LeadsRx tracks key marketing touchpoints across the customer journey, allowing businesses to get more insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns and better understand ROI.

LeadsRx alternative that can connect marketing-generated leads with revenue

Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that can be considered a powerful alternative to LeadsRx.

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In short, Ruler is a marketing attribution solution designed to close the loop between your sales and marketing data. It aligns revenue from your CRM with your marketing leads, allowing you to demonstrate your impact on bottom-line metrics more effectively.

Its closed-loop functionality tracks your visitor’s multiple touchpoints to measure and attribute value accurately across the entire customer journey.

“We now know which campaigns and which keywords are bringing the most revenue. We can use real ROAS to move our budget into the campaigns that work, so our impact is growing and growing,” James Dillon, Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Specialist at Croner.

How Croner used Ruler to make informed decisions on their marketing

Ruler works by tracking your anonymous visitors over multiple sessions and traffic sources.

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When a user converts via form, phone call or live chat, Ruler will map the leads conversion details to their marketing touchpoints.

Next, Ruler will pass the conversion and marketing data it’s collected to your CRM.

This gives your sales and marketing teams more insight into which tactics are driving the most valuable opportunities.

Once an opportunity is marked as closed, whether that be a week, month or year, the conversion and revenue data is sent back to Ruler.

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Such connectivity allows you to measure the impact of your marketing sources, campaigns and keywords based on actual revenue and not just conversions.

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Want to learn more about Ruler Analytics? This guide explains what Ruler Analytics does and how it can help boost the quality of your reports with marketing attribution data.

LeadsRx vs Ruler Analytics: How do they compare?

On the surface, LeadsRx and Ruler both have much to offer marketers, but a deeper dive reveals some key differences.

Pricing differences between LeadsRx and Ruler Analytics

Pricing for LeadsRx and Ruler Analytics is estimated on the volume of website traffic and monthly conversions. Both tools offer discounted plans for marketing agencies and consulting firms. 

LeadsRx offers three price plans:

Pricing isn’t available anywhere on the website. You hand over your details and have someone get in touch to tell you how much it costs to implement attribution reporting. Ruler, on the other hand, has four options that you can choose from. They all come from a start price except for the Advanced package:

Ruler also operates on a rolling monthly license with no contract and no tie-ins, allowing you to cancel at any time.

Offline tracking differences between LeadsRx and Ruler

Based on the reviews, one thing that LeadsRx seems to succeed at well is its ability to track offline touchpoints such as radio and TV.

LeadsRx can analyse Google Analytics and spot log data. 

It’ll measure web lift during a response window after a TV or radio ad has aired.

While LeadsRx presents attribution results in real-time, it doesn’t provide its own call tracking functionality. 

In order to track inbound calls effectively, you’d need to integrate with a third party supplier such as CallRail. Doing this will add more to your monthly outgoings.

Ruler Analytics, however, does offer built-in call tracking functionality. Its call tracking and marketing attribution software is easy to use and provides all the metrics you need to ensure your marketing is driving high-quality leads.

“Using Ruler allows us to track the online journey and map that along the full journey, including offline touchpoints; emails, phone calls, face to face meetings and web meetings, store/showroom visits, home visits etc,” Chris Price, Founder and Manager at Ark Advance.

How Ark Advance use Ruler to accurately measure how their efforts impact sales

Ruler Analytics call tracking works using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology. 

DNI generates a unique telephone number for each visitor to your website. This is what the caller sees and dials instead of the main number of your business.

Calls still come through to your business, but Ruler can now provide you with vital information such as which of your marketing campaigns the caller saw, which keywords they used and which pages on your website they looked at before picking up the phone. 

Product note: Learn more about Ruler’s call tracking and prove that your marketing efforts are resulting in valuable leads and revenue for your business.

LeadsRx vs Ruler Analytics features breakdown

There are some key differentiators you should look for when evaluating your options. To help you get started, below is a comparison chart that allows you to view and compare the different features in LeadsRx and Ruler Analytics.

FeaturesLeadsrx Ruler Analytics
PricingAvailable on requestSmall/medium businesses from £199/month
Large businesses from £499
Enterprise from £999
Advanced – POA
Available support ✔ Phone
✔ Email
✔ Live support
✔ Training
✔ Phone
✔ Email
✔ Live support
✔ Knowledge base
✔ Training
✔ Tickets
Customer journey tracking YesYes
Revenue attribution YesYes
Call tracking NoYes
Opportunity attribution NoYes
Integrations Leadsrx provides integrations to dozens of data sources. Ruler Analytics has 1000+ integrations with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Ads and Analytics.
Integration chargeAvailable on requestNo
Suitable for ✔ Small businesses
✔ Medium businesses
✔ Large Enterprises
✔ Freelancers/consultants
✔ Small businesses
✔ Medium businesses
✔ Large Enterprises

Additional LeadsRx alternatives for marketing teams

LeadsRx is just one tool to consider when looking at marketing attribution. Ruler Analytics, for example, allows you to track your full customer journeys and can seamlessly attribute revenue back to the marketing channels that influenced it. Let’s take a quick look at other LeadsRx alternatives and see what they can offer. 


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Adinton is a tool used for analysing and optimising marketing campaigns. It also includes features that can help with your marketing attribution. Similar to LeadRx and Ruler Analytics, Adinton analyses each individual customer journey and the influence of keywords, campaigns and traffic sources on bottom-line metrics.

Price: From € 300/month


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AttributionApp can help with a wide variety of marketing tasks, from reporting to attribution. It’s cohort-based reporting shows ROAS by traffic source each day, week or month for actionable insights.

Price: No pricing available

HubSpot Attribution

leadsrx alternatives - hubspot - www.ruleranalytics.com

HubSpot offers attribution reporting for marketers who want to accurately credit which channels and campaigns drive the most profitable results. While HubSpot can track your leads and revenue back to your marketing campaigns, there is a catch. To enable these features, you’ll need to activate the enterprise package. This isn’t cheap as the enterprise package starts at £2624 per month.

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Price: From £2,624 (Enterprise plan only)

Need help finding a better LeadsRx alternative?

LeadsRx is a reputable attribution solution for both online and offline tracking. It enables businesses to understand the mix of channels that drive conversions and revenue.

However, if you are craving more perks to enhance your reporting, implementing a multi-touch attribution tool like Ruler Analytics would be highly beneficial. 

Not only does it work across a wide selection of online and offline channels, but Ruler tracks data on a visitor level so that it can match leads and sales back to the marketing touchpoints that generated them across multiple campaigns, ads and keywords.

Besides offering a wide range of features, Ruler is more cost-effective and upfront about its pricing, starting from £129/month.

Where LeadsRx, on the other hand, is price on request only. 

Are you interested in learning more about Ruler Analytics? Our team would be more than happy to speak with you. All you need to do is book a demo, and you’ll be one step closer to gaining full visibility of your marketing and sales performance.

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