5 Windsor.ai Alternatives to Consider in 2023

Laura Caveney
8th September 2022

If you’re considering a tool like Windsor.ai, then first read our top alternatives to see what other features you can get with a marketing attribution tool. 

Marketing attribution is a key tool for any marketer. You might be considering a tool like Windsor.ai to help you connect your closed sale data back to your marketing. 

But before you take the plunge, read about some alternatives you might want to consider too. 

We’ll go through:

Let’s get started.

What is Windsor.ai?

Windsor.ai is a marketing attribution tool that supports marketers to track their customer journeys and attribute their closed revenue back to marketing touchpoints. 

The tool works by pulling data streams together and presenting them on one dashboard. 

Windsor.ai particularly promotes its ability to support marketers to better track TV advertising.

Windsor.ai offers a free trial and their basic plan starts at just $19 per month. However, this is for limited numbers of data sources and data destinations.

With marketers using up to 13 different channels, this can severely impact the view of your data and customer journey. Their professional plan starts at $499 per month. 

5 alternatives to Windsor.ai

Before you decide to take the plunge with Windsor.ai first consider these products. Here are our five favourite Windsor.ai alternatives that you need to consider in 2023. 

Let’s get stuck in. 

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that allows you to track offline and online conversions and link closed sales back to your marketing touchpoints. Its revenue attribution capabilities and offline tracking features are two you won’t find in Windsor.ai. 

Ruler also supports marketers to attribute leads and revenue to their opportunity pipeline. This allows businesses to better forecast and understand how leads and revenue drive through the funnel. 

This is the perfect tool to connect data from your website, your CRM, and your marketing tools. It gives you oversight of lead source and marketing data in your CRM and closed revenue data in your marketing reporting tools and ad tools. 

Pricing: Marketing attribution starts at £199 per month

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Adinton offers a simple interface for those looking to get to grips with marketing attribution. This tool allows you to track your marketing spend, clicks and conversions. However, you won’t be able to attribute closed revenue to marketing nor will you be able to track offline conversions. 

This tool is great if you’re looking for a tool that can support you prove how effective your marketing channels are and whether you have over or under-invested in your channels. 

Once the data has been collected and collated, Adinton will advise you on how to improve your campaign performance. 

Pricing: From $79 per month


Funnel is a data collection tool that collects marketing and advertising data and transforms it into reports to help you make data-driven decisions. 

With Funnel, you can view the impact of each of your marketing channels and see how they impact your goals. 

Given Funnel collects the data for you, you can rest easy without any need to compile data from multiple sources. You can also import the data into your favourite tools like Google Data Studio, Sheets, and Google Analytics.

Pricing: From $499 per month 


CallRail is predominantly used as a call tracking tool among marketers. However, it now also allows marketers to track other conversion points and link their marketing channels to conversions. 

While CallRail offers many tools expected of a marketing attribution tool, it doesn’t provide you with the capability to connect your revenue to your marketing so you’re left with just lead attribution which is similar to Windsor.ai. 

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Pricing: CallRail offers a free trial and their products combine to build a bespoke bundle so prices are customised to your needs but quickly scale depending on website visitors etc. 


HubSpot offers revenue attribution as part of its suite of tools along with tools like marketing automation, lead management and more. 

Pairing your CRM with HubSpot’s built-in CRM means all of your data is in one place and is easily integrated and accessible. 

However, HubSpot’s marketing attribution comes at a cost. Read our complete guide to HubSpot attribution and how to find a more cost-effective solution. 

Pricing: Hubspot Attribution is part of the Enterprise plan which starts at £2,624 per month. 

Wrapping up 

Windsor.ai is one tool you can consider when looking at marketing attribution, but is it the best fit for your business? 

Their cost plan is built on your data streams. Marketing teams know how many channels and data sources they have. From channels like your website, social media and email to tools like your CRM, Google Analytics and ad platforms, there are a lot of dots to join up. 

Using a tool like Windsor.ai means a lot of costs to join each tool. With a marketing attribution like Ruler Analytics, you can integrate as many apps as you like. 

Its goal is to provide as much clarity on revenue generation as possible. It leaves you with one unified view of your data streams and your marketing’s impact on your bottom line. 

See why you need to integrate Ruler Analytics into your marketing stack or find out more about how it works in practice by booking a demo

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