We Asked 4 Lawyers What Their Biggest Online Marketing Challenges Are

We Asked 4 Lawyers What Their Biggest Challenges Are: Here's What They Said - www.ruleranalytics.com

Online marketing for law firms can be costly and difficult, as the marketplace is one of the most competitive in the world. Here at Ruler Analytics, we work with many lawyers who need help targeting and monitoring their online marketing activities.

The legal sector was shaken up in 2013 by the Jackson Reforms, which changed the ways in which law firms did business and generated leads.

Firstly, they made it illegal for lawyers to pay for referrals from third parties such as garages and claims companies, which had previously provided a steady flow of customers who had been in road accidents.

They also did away with the “no win, no fee” model, which meant that fewer people were prepared to risk making claims.

This resulted in the legal sector needing to change its whole approach to marketing, creating a hugely competitive marketplace when it came to online advertising for lawyers.


Challenges Lawyers Face with Pay Per Click

Here at Ruler, we are constantly approached by law firms looking for assistance with their online marketing efforts and lead generation.

In order to find out the best ways to help them, we asked some of the firms who were getting on board with us what were the biggest challenges they were facing with their PPC marketing. Here’s what they said.


Law-Related Keywords Aren’t Cheap

All our legal clients would agree that bidding for relevant keywords on Google Ads is a costly process. The keyword “lawyer” is the sixth most expensive in its category, at an average £42.52 per click.

Costs this high mean that you need to see a significant return on investment for your PPC efforts to be worthwhile.

In order to get the most out of your PPC campaigns, you need to be able to find out which keywords people are searching for that are leading them to your website.

This means that you need to be tracking visitors to your website individually, using Call Tracking software that enables you to track their entire journey back to keyword level.

Without this information, you will be unable to calculate the true ROI of your keywords, and also choose the most relevant keywords to target your marketing effectively.


 Determining where your Telephone Leads are Coming From

Tracking your online leads alone does not give you a full picture of the efficacy of your marketing efforts, especially as most law firms generate a lot of business from inbound telephone calls.

In order to calculate the ROI of all your online campaigns, you need to be able to see the source of each telephone call.

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking allows you to track each caller individually, allowing you to see which of your ads they clicked on that led them to make the call.

This means you can budget more efficiently and stop wasting money on underperforming campaigns.


Understanding the true quality of your telephone calls

Effective marketing isn’t just about the number of clicks or calls you receive; it’s about making sure your ads are attracting quality callers who are turning into customers.

This is where Google Ads’ own call tracking feature falls down, as it does not provide Call Recording.

This is essential as it allows you to listen back to conversations and build up a picture of your target customer, also illustrating whether some campaigns are generating better quality leads than others.

Google Call Tracking also does not keep records of any missed calls; without this, you could be missing out on any business that comes your way when you’re out of the office.


Making sure your website works for you and your clients

No matter how successful your PPC ads are, they need to bring your leads through to a website that encourages them to take action.

Call tracking software allows you to see how many pages of your website each visitor has looked at before they made their call or fill in an online form, and exactly which page they converted on.

This enables you to address any flaws in your website and make sure it is working effectively for you by providing your potential clients with all the information they need.


Ruler Analytics can help

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking software provides you with all the information you need to negotiate the difficult task of marketing your law firm effectively online.

By tracking all your visitors at an individual level and offering Call Recording and Missed Calls facilities, you can understand exactly how to get the maximum return on your marketing spend.

If you would like to see for yourself the many ways in which Ruler Analytics can benefit your law firm, give our team a call and book your FREE demo.

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