6 PPC Reporting Tools Ad Agencies Should Budget For in 2019

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While you might manage with spreadsheets for a while, there will come a point where you need something more robust for your PPC reporting.

Certainly, spreadsheets can take you quite far with tracking metrics and ROI, and you can even produce some quite professional-looking reports from a decent spreadsheet.

Realistically, though, you’ve got an agency to run. Doing everything the hard way is a serious drag on your time, and you could be spending that time far better on gaining new clients and massively impressing the ones you already have.

That’s where the wonders of PPC automation software come in, saving you and your staff a ton of time and producing incredibly professional reports that have the wow factor your clients are after.

With the right tools, there’s no more struggling to prove to your clients that PPC really does work and that there is a return on their investment – simply generate your latest report and you have all the information you need.

There are many PPC reporting tools for agencies out there, and prices aren’t as high as you might think. So let’s take a look at just some of the options to give you an idea of what this software can do.



Octoboard has some nice features with PPC and social media tracking to follow your site visitors, whichever path they took to your website. Templates are available so you don’t have to create your reports from scratch, and reports can be automated, so you don’t even have to remember to send them to your clients. There’s also a useful option to allow your clients to log into Octoboard themselves, but only see the data you allow them to see. You can import your own data and take advantage of a variety of integrations (50+), from Bing Ads to Zendesk.

The dashboard puts everything in one place for an easy overview of what’s happening with your campaigns. Octoboard has a clean, clear and bright dashboard with plenty of detail available in both text, graphs and charts.

There’s no tracking of phone calls, so you don’t get the information that tells you when your PPC ads led to someone picking up the phone. This isn’t the complete buyers’ journey, but it’s a great price with enough reporting details to keep your clients and you happy.



Adevolver is still in the early stages of development so we can’t provide a full rundown of its features or tell you what the dashboard will be like, but it claims to be ‘the Ads optimisation tool for Agencies & Marketers’. They’re aiming to increase your conversions and clicks to make the most of your spend.

So far, we know that there will be automated ad testing, risk and reward projections, and instant analysis. From their About page, we can also see that they’re aiming to identify losing ads, including ad testing and fixing, create new winning adverts, test ideas and add performance tracking.

Sounds good so far, but there’s no suggestion of pricing yet, and again, as with Octoboard, it’s not the complete buyer’s journey as there’s no phone call tracking. For now, though, it’s free to sign up as an ‘early bird’, so it could be worth a look.



DashThis is quite similar to Octoboard, with automated reporting, premade templates for your reports, and the ability to import your own data. One other nice feature of DashThis that Octoboard doesn’t have is that you can clone and group your reports, saving time if you have similar clients who’ll need the same type of reporting.

The dashboard again features all your data in one place, from PPC ads to SEM, with email marketing, eCommerce and social in there too. You can customise this dashboard with widgets, dashboard headers, comments and note boxes. This is a really good feature as every agency is different and it allows you to prioritise what you need.

With only 30+ integrations, there’s less flexibility than Octoboard and certainly some surprising omissions. While they do claim to include email marketing, MailChimp is surprisingly their only email provider and there’s no access to Zapier or the equivalent to automate and integrate your own web apps.

This can also be one of the more expensive solutions, depending on how many dashboards you need. You can start off with only 10 dashboards for just $109 a month, but once you head up for a 100 dashboards, the price climbs to £499 a month.



This software also allows you to automate your reports and customise them to suit. It gives you the option of reporting only on Facebooks Ads or Google Ads, etc, or producing a full report that combines all of your PPC analytics.

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The reports are clear and well laid out with written data, graphs and charts to make it clear what’s happening with your campaigns. ReportingNinja provides a template library and widgets so you’re not building your reports from scratch. You can also give your clients their own login, so you don’t have to remember to send reports.

As with the others, there’s no tracking of phone calls, and currently, there are only 13 integrations, which are mostly social media and ad related. This is rather more basic than the others we’ve looked at so far, but the pricing is good, and if it does everything you need, then it could be a good buy.



Here’s something a little different, but definitely worth a mention. Reveal specialises in providing tracking and automation to make the most of your Facebook Ads results.

Not the all-in-one solution you might be looking for, but if you focus mainly on Facebook Ads, Reveal is definitely worth a look.

With detailed reports from Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter, YouTube, Google Ads and Facebook, this is a great way to manage literally thousands of ads without breaking a sweat.

With good pricing based on your ad spend, this straightforward software may be more than enough for your agency needs.


Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics tracks each anonymous visitor to your website over multiple sessions. When a visitor converts, whether that be a telephone, form or live chat enquiry, Ruler Analytics will integrate this data into your Google Analytics, Ads, CRM and other web applications.

When a sale is closed into revenue, Ruler Analytics will tie this information back into GA and Ads to report real sales and revenue.

Basically, Ruler Analytics allows you to optimise marketing campaigns based on how much revenue was generated, as opposed to counting the number of goals visible in Google Analytics or Ads.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” said John Wanamaker, 19th century Philadelphia merchant and marketing pioneer.

If John had had Ruler Analytics in his corner, that statement would not have been true. Not only would he know what wasn’t working, but he’d be able to see exactly how to fix it to massively improve his success rate.

With a powerful call tracking toolkit and customer journey mapping, plus a fantastically clear and easy to use dashboard for all your reports, you can easily provide all the details your clients need. And with all that handy data, you can continue to build on your previous results to utterly wow them.

Add in over a thousand integrations with some of your favourite software, such as Salesforce, Unbounce, Sugar CRM, Slack and, of course, Zapier, and we think we’ve got the ideal PPC reporting tool for any agency.

We have an eBook on integrations and Closed-Loop Revenue Attribution which you can download. It explains this in much more detail.

When choosing a PPC reporting tool, it’s a case of looking at the features you really need and comparing solutions and prices to find the right one for your business. Once you put PPC automation software in place, however, you’ll be thrilled with the sheer amount of detail you can access. With insights that show you exactly how well your PPC campaigns are doing, you’ll be able to see where you may be able to improve. With the right PPC reporting tools, you’ll be delighted with the data available, and so will your clients.

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