35 PPC tools to increase your visibility and revenue in 2021

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Reader’s note: This article was originally published December 13th 2017 and was completely updated on 20th January 2021.

With the right PPC tools, you can automate time-consuming tasks, uncover important insights and ultimately make more money for your business. In this article, we list the best PPC tools of 2021 – free and paid – to help you get more from your advertising efforts.

Managing PPC campaigns for a single business is time-consuming and potentially costly.

Especially for marketing agencies who manage PPC campaigns for multiple clients, those risks increase exponentially.

PPC software can help minimise those risks in three ways.

First, PPC software saves you time. For example, one of the most time-consuming tasks of managing PPC campaigns is keyword research.

The best PPC software does the keyword research for you, providing you with a long list of both high-volume and long-tail keywords to choose from.

Second, PPC software allows marketers to manage ads across multiple channels from a single view.

Instead of having to build and manage ads individually in Ads, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing Ads systems manage PPC campaigns on all channels from a central interface.

Finally, most PPC software applications have many tools designed to boost the ROI of PPC campaigns.

Common PPC software features include ad performance grading and underperforming keywords identification—both of which can boost ad campaign ROI.

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So, let’s jump in and find a tool for your PPC campaign.

As they’re 35 PPC tool recommendations, I have added a table of contents below so that you can jump to the software that interests you the most.

What Should You Look for in PPC Software?

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the right PPC tool for your agency or marketing campaign.

It’s important to remember that every campaign is unique.

So, you may find some tools will work better than others.

It’s likely that if you’ve landed on this article, you have a general idea of what tools you need to accelerate your advertising efforts.

If not, don’t worry!

Below, I have listed some factors you can take into consideration to help you find the right tool for your PPC campaigns.

  • If there are several people due to work on ad campaigns for different clients, then make sure to choose a tool that supports multiple users.
  • If you’re running ad campaigns for multiple clients, look for a tool that allows you to segregate accounts so that you can manage and report on ad performance by the client.
  • If you’re running a paid campaign on more than one channel, then it would be wise to select a tool that allows you to build and manage ad campaigns for multiple channels—Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter—from a central source.
  • If you’re planning on testing headlines, copy, and images then look for a tool that supports A/B ad testing.
  • If you report to clients weekly, then look for a tool that supports simple reporting. Ideally, a tool that allows you to build custom, white-labelled reports so that you can easily update clients on campaign statuses and ROI.


The Best PPC Software and Tools for 2021

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool when it comes to building and measuring the success of your PPC campaigns.

To help make things easier, I have grouped all the tools in this list by category.

Listing the tools this way will help you identify what features you need to help improve your PPC performance.

Some of the tools I’ve listed are multi-functional.

So, I’ve gone ahead and allocated each tool to the category that highlights their best features. I will make a note of any additional functionality if necessary.

I’ve also provided a mixture of tools to suit a range of budgets.

I know first-hand how hard it can be to request a budget for PPC software before you’ve launched an ad campaign.

To combine this list, I used a range of community sites such as Quora, Reddit and Facebook.

Hopefully, there are some tools on here that you haven’t come across before and are a good fit for your tech stack.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

Note: I’ve not included any Google, Bing or Facebook-owned products in this list as these are standard measuring tools which you should already be using. This is an opportunity to showcase 3rd party PPC tools to help drive the efficiency of your campaigns.


PPC Analytics, Attribution and Performance Tools

With PPC analysis tools, you can monitor and extract actionable data to uncover important insights and trends to improve campaign performance. Below is a list of analytics tools to help you get started.


Ruler Analytics

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Ruler Analytics tracks each anonymous visitor over multiple sessions, traffic source and keywords. When an individual converts via a phone call, form or live chat Ruler matches the real user details to the marketing touchpoints. Although, this is where it gets interesting. Ruler Analytics works with 1000+ products and can send this data into your Google Analytics, CRM and other existing platforms, allowing you to get a bigger picture of your sales pipeline. When a sale is closed into revenue Ruler will then connect this back into GA and Ads to report real sales and revenue.

PPC Tools 2020 - Ruler Analytics - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From £99 per month (agency rates also available)
Features: call tracking, form and live chat tracking, multi-touch attribution, revenue attribution visitor-level analytics and more.

Editor’s Note: Download the Closed-Loop Marketing Attribution handbook to learn more about Ruler Analytics and learn how it tracks customer touchpoints and connects marketing leads directly to revenue—both online and offline.


Wordstream Grader

Wordstream’s Google Ads Performance Grader analyses your account in less than 60-seconds so that you can reveal what’s working and what isn’t. You can see how you compare to competitors in your industry and get hints on how to get more out of your PPC efforts.

PPC Tools 2020 - Wordstream Google Ads Performance Grader - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Features: best practices synopsis, click through rate, conversion rate, impr weighted quality scoremobile readiness review, performance tracker and more.


PPC Campaign and Bidding Management Tools

PPC campaign and bidding management tools automate many of the time-consuming tasks and can provide insights that help agencies and marketers maximise the ROI of their ad campaigns. Browse our recommendations below.



Acquisio’s top feature is Acquisio Turing, a bid and budget management tool that helps agencies use 100% of clients’ ad budgets 100% of the time. Acquisio Turing uses fast and advanced optimisation techniques that increase clicks and conversions while keeping you from ever overspending or underspending.

PPC Tools 2020 - Acquiso - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: $199-$1899
Features: activity dashboard, display advertising, multi-account management, multi-channel management, page view tracking and more.



Another PPC campaign management tool. One of the most interesting features of adCore is that its keyword tool generates suggestions based on a website’s content. This is an excellent feature for new and potential clients. Instead of spending hours determining what keywords to use, simply plug in the client’s web address and get a list of recommendations automatically.

PPC Tools - Adcore - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $99/month
Features: camapaign management, goal tracking, keyword analysis, multiple site management and more.



Founded by two former Google employees, Adhawk pulls data from all your paid campaigns and displays it in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Adhawk analyses your data to provide you with recommendations on how to improve your performance and get more out more for your budget.

PPC Tools 2020 - TryAdhawk - www.ruleranalytics.com (2)

Price: From $125-$400/month
Features: campaign management, channel management, conversion tracking, keyword tracking, lead management, task management and more.



“All the tools you need to make paid advertising faster and more effective”. Adzooma connects your Google, Facebook and Microsoft data and lets you optimise the performance in one place. It has a rule-based automation feature so you can put an end to tedious manual tasks.

PPC Tools 2020 - adzooma - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $49/month
Features: campaign management, channel management, conversion tracking, keyword tracking, lead management, multi-campaign management, task management and more.


AdEspresso by Hootsuite

Managing your ads is easy with AdEspresso. Create and optimise Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns in one single platform. AdEspresso will analyse your Facebook campaigns and provide tips on how to get more from your advertising efforts.

PPC Tools 2020 - Adespresso - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $49/month
Features: campaign approvals, campaign optimisation, data sync, grid composer and more.


Captivise [FREE]

Captivise is an easy-to-use PPC management software, developed by an award-winning digital marketing agency, for real-world use on Google Ads Campaigns. Their aim was to create a simple, yet effective bid management app focused on maximising profitability and ROI, by ensuring the correct CPC is used to achieve this.

PPC Tools 2020 - Captivise - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Features: conversion tracking diagnosis tool, keyword-level adjustments, PPC management and more.



Cobiro is an automated, self-learning Google advertising and shopping optimiser. Based on your performance data, Cobiro’s AI-driven bid management tool will automatically adjust your bids so that you can drive more clicks and gain more exposure.

PPC Tools 2020 - Cobiro - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: $0-25 /month
Features: AI-powered targeting, bidding management, multi-channel management, multi-device management and more.


Marin Software

Marin provides a solution for agencies who need to track more than just PPC ads. The system provides tracking for search, social, and display ads, allowing agencies to track all different ad types for their clients to determine which perform best. Marin also supports PPC advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu.

PPC Tools 2020 - Marin Software - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $499 /month
Features: audience targeting, configurable executive dashboards, multi-event conversion, predictive bidding and more.


Outbrain Amplify

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that connects marketers with their target audience. It uses behavioral data and targeted advertising to recommend articles, blog posts or videos to online users.

PPC Tools 2020 - Outbrain Amplify - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $20 /one time
Features: a/b testing, campaign management, channel management, lead generation software, marketing analytics and more.


Spaceboost [FREEMIUM]

Spaceboost is an AI-powered tool that allows Google and Bing advertisers to increase the profitability of their search and shopping campaigns. Spaceboost helps advertisers turn their data into autonomous, powerful, and profitable ad campaigns on Google and Bing.

PPC Tools 2020 - Spaceboost - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $0-$189+
Features: a/b testing, auditing, bid management, budget management, campaign management, channel management and more.


WordStream Advisor

WordStream Advisor has the basic features agencies need, supporting unlimited users and providing segregation for tracking different client accounts. The tool’s best features are keyword research and ad scoring, which save time and boost ROI. The only downside is that it only supports Google, Bing, and Facebook ads.

PPC Tools 2020 - Wordstream Advisor - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $229/month
Features: a/b testing, campaign management, channel management, contact discovery, lead generation and more.


PPC Competitor Tools

Using competitor research tools to spy on your competition is a great way to boost the performance of your campaigns and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Below is a list of competitor research tools to help you get started.



Adbeat provides competitive monitoring so that you can view any advertiser’s media buying strategy. Reveal successful traffic sources and placements that are already working for other advertisers in your industry. Drill down by country or device and find out which ad networks send the most profitable traffic before investing any ad spend

PPC Tools 2020 - adbeat - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $249/month
Features: custom reporting, multi-platform, multi-network and more.



Anyone who knows me personally will be well aware of my love for Ahrefs. So, it would be weird if I didn’t add this tool to the list. Despite being recognised as an SEO tool, Ahrefs also has a lot of PPC functionality to offer. Ahrefs has a full suite of robust PPC features, from keyword research to competitor insights.

PPC Tools 2020 - Ahrefs - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $99/month
Features: competitor analysis, keyword research, mobile search tracking and more.


iSpionage [FREEMIUM]

iSpionage is a free competitor research tool that displays your competitors’ most profitable keywords, ad copy and landing pages. iSpionage has a free version available, and with that, you receive 10 free competitive reports per day and online marketing tips.

PPC Tools 2020 - iSpionage - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $59/month
Features: competitor budget,competitor keyword lists, competitor website monitoring, mobile search tracking and more.



SEMrush is best used in conjunction with another PPC automation tool, but it’s worth considering because it allows you to perform competitive research on ads. Find out what keywords your clients’ competitors are targeting, and how much they’re spending, to create ads that outperform the competition.

PPC Tools 2020 - Semrush - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting $59/month
Features: brand monitoring, competitor keyword lists, competitor website monitoring, position tracking and more.


SimilarWeb [FREEMIUM]

SimilarWeb is another competitor research tool that has a free version available. With SimilarWeb, you can benchmark your results against your competitors and identify new emerging trends and opportunities.

PPC Tools - SimilarWeb - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $0/month
Features: competitor analysis, keyword analysis, mobile app data, multiple users and more.



With SpyFu, you can download your competitor’s most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search. With the PPC competitor research tool, you can see how many clicks your competitors receive and how much they pay for each keyword.

PPC Tools - Spyfu - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $0/month
Features: competitor analysis, data exports, keyword analysis and more.



PPC Keyword Tools

Target the right keywords, and you can get your ads in front of a profitable audience. PPC keyword tools offer an easy solution to optimise paid search campaigns. Below you will find a list of keyword tools to help you get started.


Keyword In [FREE]

Keyword In allows you to combine your search terms “the easy way”. Enter your seed keywords, and within seconds you will receive a long list of potential keyword ideas. It also allows you to experiment with match type – including broad, phrase and exact.

PPC Tools - KeywordIn - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Features: Match type – Broad, Phrase, Exact.



KeywordSpy is another research tool that allows you to identify what keywords and ads drive the most profits for your competitors. With KeywordSpy, you can build an on-going list of keywords by accessing a huge database of related search terms.

PPC Tools - Keywordspy - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from £89/month
Features: 127-million keywords, competitor analysis, ROI indicator and more.


Mergewords [FREE]

This tool works the same as Keyword In, which we touched upon earlier. Enter your keywords into Mergewords to create as many search term combinations as possible. Bit of a topic, but if you wear multiple marketing hats, then you can use this tool to find guest blog opportunities.

PPC Tools - Mergewords - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Features: Keyword merger – domaining, linkbuilding, Google ads.



Self-declared as ‘the best FREE alternative to the Keyword Planner’. Wordtracker is a keyword tool that allows you to identify which search terms your competitors are targeting. It’s a Chrome extension, so there’s no need to sign up. Use it on the go as you navigate around the web.

PPC Tools - wordtracker - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $27/month
Features: keyword research, competition metrics and more.


Ubersuggest [FREE]

Ubersuggest is a free keyword tool that shows the search volume, CPC and the competition of any search term. The keyword data is pulled from Google Analytics and Search Console, so each suggestion you uncover is completely credible.

PPC Tools - Ubersuggest - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Features: average CPC, competitive intelligence, paid keyword difficulty and more.


PPC Landing Page Tools

Having the ability to build custom landing pages allows you to create a stronger relevance between your advertisements and proposition. Which in turn, helps generate a higher conversion rate. Take a look at some of our favourite landing page tools below.



Create personalised, mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes with Instapage. Seamlessly integrate with your entire marketing stack for accurate attribution and lead nurturing. 90+ customisable templates to choose from – no developer required.

PPC Tools - Instapage - www.ruleranalytics.com


Price: Starting from $69/month
Features: a/b testing, behavioral mapping, drag and drop, form creation, real time editing and more.



Create dedicated landing pages without the need to hire outside help. Leadpages provides 200+ mobile-responsive, high-converting landing page templates. It’s code free and supports drag-and-drop customisations.

PPC Tools - Leadpages - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $19/month
Features: a/b testing, drag and drop, form creation, real time editing and more.



Unbounce helps agencies build personalised and custom landing pages that can be used for PPC campaigns. Instead of sending users to a sales page that may or may not have the information they’re looking for, create individual landing pages for each PPC campaign that are targeted and personalised to boost conversions.

PPC Tools - Unbounce - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $79/month
Features: a/b testing, drag and drop, form creation, real time editing and more.


PPC Optimisation Tools

Optimising PPC campaigns isn’t easy. With the right PPC Optimisation tools, you can increase productivity and drive more revenue. Take a look at our recommendations below.



Tenscores is an in-depth optimisation tool which helps improve your quality score and reduces acquisition costs. Discover which campaigns and ad groups have the lowest-performing ads, and fix structure problems with Tenscores unique AI-powered regrouping feature.

PPC Tools - Tenscores - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $25/month
Features: quality score analysis and more.


Webtrends Optimize

Webtrends Optimize is a testing and personalisation platform that uses conversion rate optimisation tools to allow you to create custom reports and drive better visitor experiences on your website.

PPC Tools - Webtrends Optimize - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $25/month
Features: a/b testing, conversion goal, multivariate testing and more.



PPC management made smarter. With Optmyzr, you can automatically build campaigns and optimise performance with suggestions based on the latest machine learning techniques. You can also share your data with fully customisable reporting.

PPC Tools - Optmyzr - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $25/month
Features: campaign, label, account level reporting and more.


PPC Reporting Tools

With the right tools, there’s no more struggling to prove to your clients that PPC really does work and that there is a return on their investment. Let’s take a look at some options below.


Databox [FREEMIUM]

Databox is an analytics and reporting software that pulls all of your data into one place so that you can easily track performance and identify important insights in real-time. Databox has a freemium option, which has more than enough features to help you get started.

PPC Tools - Databox - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $49/month
Features: customisable dashboards, marketing and sales reports, performance metrics, predictive analytics and more.



If what you’re looking for is less of a PPC automation tool and more of a way to combine data from multiple platforms into a central report, NinjaCat may be the best solution. NinjaCat connects with more than 750 platforms and tools, using the data from all integrations to create comprehensive, white-labelled reports for clients.

PPC Tools - NinjaCat - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Available on request
Features: customisable dashboards, marketing and sales reports, performance metrics, predictive analytics and more.



Octoboard allows you to build business performance dashboards and reports for your startup, clients and marketing departments. Templates are available so you don’t have to create your reports from scratch, and they can be automated, so you don’t even have to remember to send them to your clients.

PPC Tools - Octoboard - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from €8/month
Features: automated reports, customisable dashboards, drag and drop, marketing and sales reports and more.



Reportgarden handles all aspects of client PPC management. Use it to manage and automate PPC accounts, create proposals for new clients, invoice existing clients, and manage approval’s. The software also has SEO tools for agencies who handle all types of search engine marketing campaigns.

PPC Tools - ReportGarden - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $250/month
Features: analytics, campaign management, conversion tracking, revenue management and more.



Tableau is a sophisticated analytics and visualization platform. With a few simple integrations, you can hook up your Google ads data to create data-rich dashboards which you can share with your colleagues and customers.

PPC Tools - Tableau - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $70/month
Features: customisable dashboard, drag and drop, forecasting, marketing and sales reports and more.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a tool to analyse PPC performance, find additional keywords or create visually stunning landing pages, you must ensure that whatever software you choose contributes to your revenue growth.

What PPC software do you use daily? Or, have I missed it off this list? Let me know so I can add it in and share it with other PPC marketers.

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