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How to Create HubSpot Reports and Attribute Marketing Revenue to Deals

How to Create HubSpot Reports and Attribute Marketing Revenue to Deals

Attribution reports are a great way to understand how your marketing is driving revenue and new deals. 

HubSpot offers attribution reports within its tool that can help you automatically connect your revenue to your marketing.

We did a full breakdown of HubSpot attribution and its pros and cons. 

Keep reading to learn more about the report capabilities in HubSpot and other alternatives you should consider. 

What are the types of attribution reports in HubSpot 

There are three types of attribution reports in HubSpot. Each one measures a different type of conversion so can be used for different goals. They are: 

  • Contact create attribution report 
  • Deal create attribution reports 
  • Revenue attribution reports 

It’s worth noting that the bottom two types of attribution reports are only available in the Enterprise level of the Marketing suite which starts at over £2,000 per month. 

What each report type does is fairly self-explanatory. Each report will connect marketing back to contacts, deals or revenue. Ideally, you’d have a full view of all of this within one single dashboard. 

How to create attribution reports in HubSpot 

To create all of these reports, you’ll need to be subscribed to the enterprise level of the marketing hub of tools. This starts at £2,624 per month. 

Setting these reports up is easy. 

  1. Head to Reports > Reports 
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click Create custom report 
  3. Then, select Attribution
  4. In the right-hand panel, you can view the available reports. You can either use a sample report or start from scratch. 
  5. When you click Next, you’ll be sent to the report builder where you can name and edit your report. 

Next, configure the report. This is where you can select the attribution model and add other dimensions to make sure you get the data you want. 

Read the full guide on configuring attribution reports here. 

Using Ruler to attribute your revenue 

Given HubSpot attribution comes at quite a significant cost, you might want to look into other alternatives. 

Ruler Analytics is a leader in marketing attribution and can allow you to attribute revenue, deals and contacts back to your marketing. 

Ruler will track every touchpoint in your user’s customer journey and when they close into a sale, Ruler will scrape the revenue from your CRM and fire it to your chosen analytics tools. 

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It allows you to get lead source data in your CRM and revenue data in tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and more. 

The good thing about Ruler is that it integrates with HubSpot too. So, if you’re already using it for your CRM, you can integrate Ruler to add in revenue and lead source data. 

Book a demo to see the data in action, or learn more about how Ruler and HubSpot compare

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