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How to Import Leads and Contacts in HubSpot

How to Import Leads and Contacts in HubSpot

Manually adding leads to HubSpot can waste valuable time and resources.

Time that can be spent optimising your marketing for more qualified leads and opportunities. 

Ruler Analytics saves you so much energy by automatically adding leads directly to your CRM.

You can capture detailed marketing interaction data such as channel, source, campaign and keyword, allowing you to gain full visibility into the customer journey and track which activities drive the most revenue for your company. 

How to automatically add leads to HubSpot with Ruler

For those that don’t know, Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that works seamlessly alongside HubSpot to ensure you have all the data on consumers you need, exactly where you need it.

Ruler bridges the gap between marketing and revenue by sending leads directly to your HubSpot CRM.

It works by tracking each visitor - even the anonymous ones - across multiple sessions, traffic sources, keywords and more.

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Once a user converts, Ruler sends the data it’s captured on your lead and their marketing touchpoints to your HubSpot CRM.

With HubSpot enriched with Ruler's attribution data, you can go on to make better conclusions about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts at every stage of the pipeline. 

For example, you may have a Google Ad campaign driving a boatload of leads for a low cost per click. But, when you look in HubSpot, you may find that these leads are low quality and rarely make it past the prospecting stage. 

Eventually, a lead will close into revenue.

When this happens, Ruler scrapes the marketing and revenue data in HubSpot and sends it back to its dashboard. Ruler goes to work and attributes the revenue back to the marketing channels, campaigns, keywords and ads that influenced the conversion in the first place. 

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That’s not all it can do.

Ruler can also integrate with your payment processing system to track repeat sales and renewals.

This is extremely useful for marketers that track and report on metrics like marketing-generated monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value.

Need help importing leads to HubSpot? 

Using Ruler is the easiest way to track exactly where your leads are coming from and attribute marketing revenue to specific deals.

Armed with this integration, you can make data-decisions about where to spend your budget and better understand your ROAS and ROI. 

If you have any questions about our seamless integration with HubSpot, we’re always on hand to help. 

You can make the most of our live chat function in the corner, and our friendly specialists will get right back to you. Or, book a demo, and see how Ruler can help you drive more qualified leads and revenue. 

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