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How to automatically add leads to Pipedrive

How to automatically add leads to Pipedrive

Manually adding leads to Pipedrive can waste valuable time and resources. Time that can be spent optimising for more opportunities and revenue. 

Ruler Analytics saves you so much time by automatically adding leads directly to your CRM.

With Ruler, you can capture detailed marketing touchpoint data such as channel, source, campaign and keyword, allowing you to gain full visibility into the customer journey and track which activities drive the most offline revenue. 

How to automatically add leads to Pipedrive

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to send conversions and lead source data into Pipedrive using Ruler Analytics.

Create your custom field in Pipedrive 

Pipedrive, by default, doesn’t have; Source, Channel, Campaign and Keyword fields. You’ll need to create them manually before you pass leads and opportunities from Ruler Analytics. 

You can do this by navigating to Settings > Customise Fields > and select whichever profile type you want to add your custom fields to (People, Organisations, Deals, etc.).

Capture each anonymous visitor over multiple touch points and traffic sources

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that tracks each anonymous visitor individually, and records how that user found your site and tracks any subsequent visits or interactions with other marketing channels and campaigns.

Take the journey below, for example.

In this specific journey, we can see that a visitor clicked on a Google Ad after searching the keyword "marketing attribution" and converted via a form fill.

Pass conversion details and marketing lead source to Pipedrive

When a user converts into a lead, Ruler matches the conversion details with the user's marketing touchpoints and fires all that data over to your CRM (or wherever you’re storing your leads). 

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Below is a list of triggers that you can send to Ruler Analytics from Pipedrive.

Pipedrive triggers:

  • New Lead
  • New Opportunity
  • New Updated Opportunity
  • New Closed Won/Closed Lost Opportunity

Ruler Analytics actions:

  • Send data as an opportunity stage to Ruler Analytics
  • Send closed revenue deals to Ruler Analytics

Track opportunities and pipeline stages in Ruler Analytics

The sales process can sometimes become a lot longer and usually involves more touchpoints to get potential buyers over the line.

As a result, many companies don’t get a true reflection of how well marketing has performed until weeks, months, or even years after the initial work.

With Ruler’s opportunity stage report, you can analyse and monitors leads and opportunities at every stage of your sales pipeline.

Using Ruler's opportunity tracking feature, you can:

  • Attribute revenue to channels and keyword at each opportunity stage
  • Identify what happens to leads post-MQL stage
  • Assess which opportunity stages may require further attention/nurturing
  • Where specific campaigns fall short from converting

Attribute Pipedrive revenue from closed/won deals to your marketing tactics

Once your lead converts into a sale, whether that be tomorrow, next week, in six months or longer, Ruler will utilise a pre-built integration to fire conversion and revenue data back into your favourite marketing apps and tools. 

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Such connectivity will allow your marketing teams to see which marketing tactics are generating the most revenue alongside all your traditional metrics.

Ruler can also integrate with your payment processing system to track repeat sales and renewals. This is extremely useful for marketers that track and report on metrics like marketing-generated monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value.

Interested to learn more about Ruler?

Ready to take full advantage of Ruler to help solve the disconnect between sales and marketing and prove marketing’s impact on revenue growth? 

Book your Ruler Analytics demo today and bring your Pipedrive revenue and marketing activity data closer together.

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