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What is HubSpot Marketing?

What is HubSpot Marketing?

HubSpot is a well-rounded CRM and lead management tool that’s perfect for sales and marketing teams. 

It offers a number of packages for businesses looking to better manage, nurture and close their leads. 

It can be tricky managing hundreds of leads at a time. And HubSpot’s packages offer a whole host of tools that can help different teams create more demand. 

What is available in HubSpot Marketing? 

HubSpot Marketing is a suite with many tools. Some popular tools include: 

Blog: With HubSpot, you can publish blog content directly from your account. It helps you get discovered plus since it’s connected it means you can better track your content and its impact on viewers. 

SEO: Build your search authority with tools from HubSpot. You’ll be able to create a sound content strategy and optimise your content regularly to drive more leads and sales. 

Social media marketing: With this tool, you can monitor your social performance and publish key posts to your social channels. You can group campaigns too to see which ones work best on your social profiles. You can even host video files in your HubSpot account to later embed in your social media and blog posts. 

Email marketing: You can create nurture campaigns through email directly in your HubSpot account. It allows you to create personalised and scalable campaigns. These cadences can help you convert more leads into revenue. 

What are the limitations of HubSpot Marketing?

HubSpot Marketing is a fantastic tool. But you have to remember, there is a cost implication to use this suite of tools. 

To use it starts at £38 per month. Affordable right?

Absolutely. HubSpot knows how to appeal to smaller businesses. However, this cost only includes the basic tools in the marketing suite. 

For the enterprise-level plan, you’d expect this cost to go up to £2,624 per month. This does include more vital features like marketing attribution though. 

Remember, while it’s great having tools like email automation and blog content, you also need solid reporting features to ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing. 

For us, it’s all about attribution. 

How Ruler Analytics can help 

Ruler Analytics is a leading marketing attribution tool. It uses first-party cookies to track users on your website every time they visit. 

From their first marketing touchpoint, you’ll be able to track their referring source. 

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And then, every time they revisit, Ruler will track their source, what pages they engage with and more. 

At the point of conversion, Ruler fires all the data held on that lead over to your CRM. There you’ll be able to see the lead source. 

And it goes one further than that too. 

When that lead closes into a sale, Ruler will fire the closed revenue in your CRM over to your chosen marketing analytics tools

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There it’ll be automatically attributed to the influencing channels, campaigns, ads and even keywords. 

To learn more about how to get attribution into your marketing analytics, book a demo with our team. They’ll show you exactly how Ruler can work with HubSpot to drive the data you need, where you need it most. 

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