Do you know which leads generate new clients and which are wasting your money?

As a legal marketer, you're likely looking for a solution that can help you attribute your marketing efforts directly to earned revenue no matter the lifecycle.

Tracking for lead generation in the legal industry just isn't enough. Leads, by their nature, are not sales. At least not yet. Your leads could be high value, or worthless. They could close into a sale tomorrow, next year or not at all.

Whilst most people track form fills, leads can also come through mediums such as phone calls and live chat. If you're spending a lot of money on ad campaigns, or pooling resource into a new marketing channel, and you can't see your return on investment - you're marketing blind.

Knowing what works, and what doesn't, means you can get the edge on your competitors.

Goals are not enough

Law firms tend to convert leads into clients over the phone, in an office, or via email. Tracking offline conversions and attributing revenue is the only way to see the true impact of your marketing.

Tracking goals, such as the number of form submissions, just isn't enough. Ruler can help you track your website users, beyond the 90-day window, and track them via phone, form and live chat.

So, whether they convert in a month or a year, you can attribute the revenue to the correct channel.

The Solution: Optimise For Revenue, Not Leads

Evaluating your campaigns the same way you evaluate business: by the amount of revenue it generates.

Ruler fires marketing data from your user, when they become a lead, directly into your CRM.

Then, when they convert into a sale, that data is fired back into the relevant analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager.

There, you can see the revenue generated from your campaigns, and optimise your marketing based on actionable insight.

Ruler connects website leads to your CRM or CMS

Ruler tracks each anonymous visitor to the website  over multiple sessions, traffic source and keywords.

Ruler then tracks when they convert via phone call, form or live chat and matches the real user details to the marketing touchpoints.

Ruler sends the data into your Case Management System and other products to enrich the lead with the marketing source information.

Close the loop - Send Revenue Back to Google Analytics & Adwords

When the sale is then closed into revenue, Ruler ties this back into Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook & Microsoft Ads so you can measure ROI and optimise your campaigns based on revenue and not goals.

You'll be left with reams of information to help you understand your client demographics and optimise your marketing.

And remember, with our solution, you can even see the keyword that generated your client, and the revenue it brought in. This means you can turn off keywords that aren't working to bring your new clients.

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Sarah Boustouller

Stephensons Solicitors LLP

“Using Ruler Analytics' software, we are able to give credibility to each department and show return on investment more effectively.”

Amy Smeaton

Hayes Connor Solicitors

“Ruler can identify which PPC key words are driving good quality conversions, improving the amount of business driven by each campaign”

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