What is Call Analytics and Why is it Important to Law Firm Marketers?

6th September 2022

As a marketer, you want to measure your return on investment (ROI), right? Well, call tracking is a great way to do this, as well as having many other benefits. Read on to find out how call analytics can help to give you the edge over your competitors.

It’s no secret that consumers expect the very best client service, which means a call getting answered or remaining unanswered could be the difference between your company landing a successful piece of business or not. 

No matter your industry, this is likely to be the case. For example, in research carried out by The Law Firm Marketing Club, it was identified that young people want access to their lawyers at times that are convenient to them e.g., evenings and weekends not just ‘in-hours’ phone calls.

According to a survey from TelePA and discussed by ubc, 47% of small and medium-sized companies in the UK are missing business calls, which are pretty shocking figures. 

Call analytics is a great way to find out when your ideal clients are calling. This means you could put a plan in place to ensure your firm is answering sales calls. You don’t want to be the business missing out on important work. 

In research carried out by Numa, it was identified that 91% of respondents were left feeling frustrated by a business when trying to find out something over the phone – this included long answer times, being put on hold for a long time and not receiving the information they wanted – and call analytics is a way to resolve these issues too. 

So, what will we cover in this article?

What is call analytics tracking?

Call analytics tracking means data is captured from inbound calls and the information can then be measured, analysed, and reported on. 

It’s a great tool for marketing teams to see how effective their campaigns are but can also be used for training purposes.

To benefit from call tracking, you need to have specific software set up on your website. 

With Ruler Analytics, a leading call tracking software application installed on your website, you can get full visibility of your leads from their first interaction landing on your website to their conversion when they decide to ring you.

If you want to better measure, manage, and analyse your marketing performance, then call tracking is one element you need.

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Ruler Analytics makes call tracking easy. It supports marketers by linking phone call leads and marketing to closed sales and revenue. See how Ruler’s call tracking can improve the quality of your reports and help boost marketing ROI.

How does Ruler Analytics phone call tracking work? 

How does call tracking analytics work?

Call tracking software works by assigning individuals with a unique trackable phone number. 

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These phone numbers work with your website, to capture useful information about the caller. 

By having a tool like Ruler Analytics on your website, you’ll be able to link data together.  

For example, if you are a law firm, and someone searches ‘divorce solicitors in Bristol’ into their browser, lands on your website, views a service page about how to get a divorce and then makes a call using the unique number and spends 4 minutes on the phone to a member of your team, you will be able to follow this client’s journey through your online dashboard. 

And with Ruler, when a call is answered, the software will record calls so you can listen back to the conversation. 

This software can pinpoint all the information you could possibly need from whether paid or organic search drove the call, to where the caller is located.

What data can call analytics track?

Phone call analytics measure an array of attributes, and many of these metrics are useful to marketers including: 

Why should marketers use call analytics?

So why should you use call analytics? Well, there’s loads of benefits to your company, but we’ve listed a few below.

Call tracking can help to measure current marketing campaign success

As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits to marketers of call tracking software, is finding out what’s working in your marketing campaigns. 

It could be attributed to a PPC campaign, organic search, social media, or your newsletters. 

This means you can optimise campaigns for better performance, amend or stop campaigns that aren’t performing as well and reduce your cost per acquisition.

Identifies the next best actions for a caller

With call tracking, you can accurately determine the next best action for your business and your callers. 

For example, if your staff are spending lots of time answering questions over the phone that can be found elsewhere on your website, you will know to make this information clearer. 

Or, if you are receiving lots of calls about directions to your office, you could add this into the homepage or a link to the homepage to free up your staff member’s time. 

Tracks what keywords that are likely to drive conversion

Call analytics can help your marketers to identify what keywords have led the caller to your website. 

From there, you can listen to the conversation and identify whether they are the right type of client for your business. If not, you know to make the keywords more defined to attract the right client. 

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And if they are, you can use this keyword more throughout your website, social media, and PR. 

Streamlines the process of gathering data 

Enhancing the performance of marketing campaigns relies on clever data. 

Call analytics software can slot neatly into your existing data gathering, for example your client relationship management (CRM) system. 

This helps to streamline the process of gathering data for your business. 

For example, if you have a form on your website which captures personal data about a potential client, this can be linked to their unique trackable phone number, and you can keep all this data on Ruler Analytics’ dashboard.

With such visibility,  you can identify where there is room for improvement, where there are obstacles, highlight frequently asked questions and identify areas where you can retain clients.

Identifies how well your marketing communication strategy is working and refine it

Call tracking can help to refine your wider marketing communications strategy.

This is because the analytics can show you where calls are coming from, what the call is regarding, how often they are calling and when, and more. 

With this data, you can determine what channels, campaigns and platforms should use more budget, and what can be cut. 

This can also have a trickle-down effect on the other types of marketing your business takes part in. For example, if you are a law firm, sponsoring local events, implementing a PR campaign, or attending conferences might be other areas where your budget could be used. 

Generates real-time insights to identify trends

In every sector, trends change meaning the keywords and campaigns need to be amended to follow suit.

Call analytics can help your business to identify what’s happening in real time. 

This means you can quickly make decisions that benefit your business and increase your business’ ROI because you can see what is and isn’t working. 

Maximises your marketing budget

Call analytics help identify what is actually working, so you can continue to invest in these strategies and put other tactics on the backburner. 

For example, if you are a law firm and you’re targeting ‘no-fault divorce’, but your callers are asking for ‘mediation’, you could look into keywords for this service instead. 

Ready to add call tracking software to your website?

It’s clear that call analytics platforms have many benefits from identifying what platforms to what keywords and what campaigns are working, and lots of businesses implement them today. 

Have you invested in call analytics? If not, get in touch with the team at Ruler Analytics today. 

It’s one of the best call tracking solutions and we recommend that our law firm clients use Ruler Analytics as part of their marketing stack.

Written by Maddie Platt, Senior Marketing Executive at Conscious Solutions. Conscious Solutions help law firms become more successful online.