Top 5 WhatConverts Alternatives

Laura Caveney
7th September 2021

More and more marketers are analysing their martech stack and adding new tools to streamline their content creation, output and reporting. WhatConverts is one such tool. But, if you’re looking to see what else is in the market, you’re in the right place. 

Marketing tools support teams to increase their outputs, refine their strategy and strengthen their results. But choosing the right tools is essential to ensuring you get the most value and the most return. 

We analyse and share the five best alternatives for the marketing tool, WhatConverts. 

What is WhatConverts?

WhatConverts is a lead and conversion tracking tool that supports marketers to understand which marketing channels are driving their lead generation. 

It allows marketers to better track their inbound forms and calls and link new leads back to marketing. 

5 alternatives to WhatConverts

If you’re considering implementing WhatConverts into your marketing stack, then you might want to first consider some alternatives first. 

Ruler Analytics

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that makes for a great alternative to WhatConverts. As well as offering lead and conversion tracking, Ruler also allows marketers to track how leads close into revenue. 

Ruler acts as a go-between for your apps, your CRM and your website, sending the data you need where you need it most. 

You’ll be able to see your lead source and marketing data in your CRM. And, you’ll be able to see your closed revenue in your marketing reporting tools and ad tools. Some great features Ruler has that you won’t find in WhatConverts are revenue attribution, offline conversion tracking, no hidden charges as well as monthly rolling contracts. 

Pricing: Ruler’s marketing attribution starts at £199 per month

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We’re leaders in attribution. Ruler can support you solve your key business pain points. Whether that’s tracking full customer journeys, or assigning budget where you need it most.

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Invoca is a tool that attributes inbound calls to help marketers prove how these conversations impact their customer journeys. 

With a tool like Invoca in place, marketers can see how much revenue they’re creating through inbound calls. Plus, they can link their inbound calls to marketing channels, allowing them to get a greater insight into what is working well, and what’s not. 

They provide actionable data for this conversion type allowing marketers to drive more high-quality calls that result in more revenue for your business. 

Pricing: Pricing available after booking a demo


CallTrackingMetrics is another call tracking solution that allows you to integrate your business phone systems to your marketing channels. 

This tool works similarly to WhatConverts and other call tracking tools. It allows you to identify which marketing channels are generating leads and which are converting into sales. CallTrackingMetrics allows you to make the most out of every call and drive more to your bottom line. 

It can also capture data for conversions like form fills, but only across paid channels. 

Pricing: Prices start at $39 per month


WildJar is a call tracking software that allows marketers to understand which channels drive inbound calls, and which calls result in sales. 

This tool allows you to connect touchpoints that occur online to sales that happen offline. Particularly helpful for sales agents who speak to leads over the phone as they can easily view what online touchpoints a lead has had, and therefore has better insight into their intent. 

Pricing: Prices available on demo 


HubSpot is a great alternative to WhatConverts in that it offers call tracking, as well as a host of other tools from marketing attribution to lead management. HubSpot’s call tracking solution comes free as part of their sales hub solution. 

The sales hub includes tools like proposals, sales analytics and engagement tools as well as forecasting. HubSpot also offers full marketing attribution capabilities but this comes as part of a much pricier package. 

Read the complete guide to HubSpot’s attribution package, and how to find a cheaper alternative. 

Pricing: The starter level for the Sales hub starts at £38 per month. 

Wrapping up 

Remember, when looking at WhatConverts alternatives, it’s important to ask yourself, what data do you actually need? 

If you just need to track inbound calls, then there’s a whole host of tools out there that can do that job for you. 

But remember, website visitors are converting via different conversion types than just phone calls. What about live chat and form submissions? 

And yes, while you might be able to track their volume, you’re likely struggling to attribute them back to a marketing channel and track them through their full customer journey. 

It leaves you with a very limited view of your data and your customer journey. 

⚡️ Pro Tip

We’re experts in tracking every marketing touchpoint. Read our blog on every stage in a customer journey, plus how to track them.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ruler Analytics, then read why you need to integrate it into your marketing stack. It’s the perfect alternative to WhatConverts as it allows you to dig deeper into your data and pluck out accurate data and valuable insights. 

Or, get stuck in and book a demo, You’ll see all of our key features and reports in action plus learn how they can help you solve your marketing challenges.