Optimising your Google Ads Campaign with Call Tracking

Optimising your Google AdWords campaign with call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is becoming increasingly popular with marketers, as it is an excellent way of generating targeted leads; 52% of people who click on a PPC ad will make a call to the advertiser. It also provides a great deal of trackable data about your customer base that can then be used to inform the rest of your marketing activities. As conversions expert Theresa Baiocco explains, “PPC ads are the fastest way to test assumptions, headlines, offers, keywords and landing pages.”

However, the data PPC provides will only have limited relevance unless you are able to analyse it accurately. In order to do that, you need to be using Call Tracking.


How effective is Google’s Website Call Conversion Tracking?

Google’s website call conversion tracking is free, and it allows advertisers to track calls generated by Google ads. Like pretty much all call tracking services, it uses DNI technology, which overrides the main phone number on your website with a unique number for each campaign or individual, allowing you to see how many telephone leads have been generated by that particular campaign.


What are the Disadvantages Involved?

While Google’s Forwarding Numbers can be useful in gaining some insight into the performance of your Google Ads campaigns, it fails to provide some of the vital metrics that all data-driven marketers need in order to optimise their marketing strategies


It has no Call Recording 

Listening back to calls enables businesses to build up a more accurate picture of their customer base. It is also an excellent tool for improving customer service and understanding customer needs.


It doesn’t Integrate with CRM systems

Unlike Ruler and other third-party call tracking solutions, Google Forwarding Numbers lacks the technology to integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce. This means you are unable to have all your data to hand in one easily accessible place.


It doesn’t Inform you of Missed Calls

Forwarding Numbers does not keep statistics of missed calls or provide Caller ID. This means you could potentially be missing out on leads through not calling customers back. You are also unable to glean vital information about the geographic location of your customer base, making it harder to target your marketing efficiently.


So what else could you use to Optimise your PPC Campaigns?

Ruler Analytics offers a complete call tracking solution, providing you with all the metrics you need to turn campaigns into conversions. Features include:


Ruler Re-Provided 

This is the first software of its kind. It enables you to retrieve the information denied to you by Google’s “Not Provided”, allowing you to find out what keywords people are searching for that are driving inbound sales and lead conversions. This knowledge can then be used to inform all your future PPC, SEO and social media campaigns, ensuring that you are targeting the people who are going to be the most interested in your product.


Call Recording

Listening back to recorded calls can allow you to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers, finding out what type of people they are and which keywords brought them to you. If you are using any keywords that have a low conversion rate, this can also help you to understand why. It can also acquaint you with your customers’ needs and preferences and is an excellent way of training staff to make sure they are providing the right standard of customer service.


Advance Reporting

This provides you with data on each caller including their geographic location, what time they called and the duration of their call. It also enables you to ascertain what internet browser, device and operating system they used. This information can highlight which areas most of your time and budget should be dedicated to; for example, if most of your leads are searching on mobile devices, your marketing should be optimised for mobile.


Integrate with 100+ Web Applications

Ruler Call Tracking can easily be integrated with a huge variety of web applications including CRM systems. This will save you a great deal of time, as all of your lead data can be transferred into one handy location, with no more need for cross-referencing.


Ruler Analytics has the Answer

If you use PPC advertising, you really can’t afford to be without the essential metrics that will allow you to get the most out of your campaigns. Ruler is currently offering a FREE demo, and if you like what you see and sign up, you’ll get your first 30 days free, too! Give our friendly team a call to book a demo at your convenience.

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