12 Facebook Ads Tools That Will Help Increase Your ROI

Katie Holmes
27th November 2021

If you’re not using Facebook ad tools as part of your decision-making, then you’re potentially missing out on quality data that can help scale the profitability of your advertising campaigns.

Are you managing a Facebook ad campaign, and want to gain a deeper understanding of its performance on wider growth objectives?

You’ve come to the right place.

With Facebook ad tools, you can determine which campaigns and ads are driving your most valuable conversions, allowing you to continuously measure—and improve—your return on marketing investment.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Facebook ad tools designed to help you measure and track the performance of your campaigns and ads.

For this article, we’ll discuss:

What are Facebook ad tools?

If you’re an advertiser who cares about driving tangible business results, then Facebook ad tools are the best way to go.

Essentially, Facebook ad tools allow you to better manage and analyse your advertising campaigns.

While there are many different Facebook ad tools, most share the same goal. That is to help you reduce costs and create maximum ROI for your online advertising efforts.

Why are Facebook ad tools important?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world right now, with over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020.

It’s no surprise that marketers are leveraging Facebook advertising to increase exposure and drive new customers.

Understanding how users engage with your Facebook ads is essential when determining which initiatives are driving the most value.

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Before IOS 14.5, tracking user engagement in Facebook was fairly easy to do. In a few simple clicks, you could analyse user behavior and track how many people had visited your website.

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But ever since Apple dropped a bombshell on the marketing world, advertisers have been left scrambling to gather data on overall performance.

With Facebook ad tools, you can gain a holistic view of your campaign performance to help make informed decisions to improve lead quality, and more importantly, increase revenue.

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Chances are you’ve experienced the effects of the Apple update. Ruler acts as a connector between Facebook and Analytics with the use of first-party cookie tracking. It allows you to continue tracking the full source of your leads from Facebook and other marketing channels to provide a single source of truth about which ads, campaigns and landing generate the most value for your business.

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Here are more benefits you’ll get from having Facebook ad tools.

Source of truth of what’s working—and what isn’t

Facebook has a reputation for making itself look more appealing to advertisers to encourage additional spending.

On the surface, your ads may appear “successful”, but before you know it, you’ve spent thousands on Facebook to drive traffic and leads for your bottom line to remain flat.

With the right Facebook ad tools, you can easily spot opportunities to help maximise your performance and cut back on ads that aren’t pulling their weight.

Improve your audience targeting

Facebook Ad tools can provide a ton of data on your target demographic as well as their purchase behaviour.

The more intel you have on your audience, the better equipped you are to deliver meaningful messages that have the power to convert more of your audience into revenue.

Calculate your ROI from Facebook

If you use Facebook advertising as part of your marketing strategy, then tracking your ROI is an absolute necessity.

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Facebook advertisers are being held increasingly accountable for the need to connect their efforts with revenue focussed metrics.

The result for most advertising campaigns is increased revenue. If your boss or clients aren’t tracking a financial return from Facebook, then you’re going to struggle to pitch its importance in the next quarterly meeting.

Facebook ad tools make it easy for you to demonstrate and calculate your ROI so that you can secure additional budget to scale the activity of your campaigns.

What should you look for in a Facebook Ad tool?

It’s likely that you have a general idea of what tools you need to accelerate your advertising efforts.

If not, we’ve listed some factors you can take into consideration to help you find the right tool for your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook Ad tools for marketers

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool when it comes to Facebook ad tools. So, to make things easier, we have grouped all the tools by category.

By doing this, you can prioritise each tool based on what you’re looking for.

We’ve also provided a mixture of tools to suit a range of budgets, as we know first-hand how tough it can be to request a budget for a Facebook ad tool before you’ve launched an ad campaign.

Hopefully, there are some tools on here that you haven’t come across before and are a good fit for your tech stack.

Facebook ROI tools and software

With the right ROI tools at your disposal, you can streamline your marketing and sales processes to calculate your return on marketing more accurately. Below is a list of analytics tools to help you get started.

Ruler Analytics

Now, we couldn’t write about ROI tools and not mention Ruler Analytics. With Ruler, advertisers can solve one of their biggest challenges, which is to measure marketing ROI.

Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that tracks anonymous visitors across all website visits, collecting information on what campaigns and content those visitors interact with at each visit.

When a visitor converts into a lead via form fill, live chat or phone call, their information is sent to the Ruler database and matched with their marketing touchpoints to create a customer journey.

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Naturally, your leads will move through the pipeline over several days, weeks or even months.

Ruler will feed pipeline data into its reporting, so your marketing team can keep track of leads and determine whether they’re or not they’re adding enough quality to the later stages of the funnel. 

Once that customer finalises a purchase, Ruler accurately attributes credit back to the channels, campaigns, and keywords that influenced the conversion

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With Ruler, marketers can start relying on accurate data that shows exactly what channels, tactics, and campaigns generate revenue for their businesses.

facebook ad tools - ruler analytics - www.ruleranalytics.com

Pricing for Ruler starts at £199 a month and it has various plans to suit your specific needs. You can save 20% by paying annually and there are special rates for agency partners.

💡 Pro Tip

Want more information on Ruler and the services we offer? Grab our comprehensive guide on how Ruler works and see how it can boost the quality of your marketing measurement.

Why you need Ruler Analytics


With Adstage, marketers can consolidate reports from different platforms, such as Facebook, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, to measure attribution across all channels. Marketers can automatically connect their paid search and paid social data to web analytics and conversion data, to prove ROAS without the use of spreadsheets.

facebook ad tools - adstage - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From $149.99/month
Best for: Marketing agencies, but in-house marketers may also benefit using this solution.


Track your Facebook campaigns, ads and engagement metrics with Cyfe. The roi tool, Cyfe, allows you to keep track of all your analytics in one data warehouse. Cyfe allows you to keep track of over 50+ metrics to ensure that your campaigns are running efficiently.

facebook ad tools - cyfe - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From $29/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and social media advertisers who want to gauge the success of their paid campaigns.

Facebook ad analytics tools and software

Facebook analytics tools allow you to easily understand the success of your marketing activities as well as track how your organic and paid campaigns intersect with each other. Here’s a shortlist of Facebook ad analytics tools to get your started:


Fanbooster is a multi-purpose social media management tool that provides you with an in-depth view of the performance of your Facebook campaigns. The solution boasts smart analytics reporting and offers a cross-channel performance so that you gain holistic visibility of all your social media campaigns.

facebook ad tools - fanbooster - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From $49/month
Best For: Agencies, social media management teams and marketing teams of all sizes.


Keyhole allows you to track any public Facebook page, whether it’s yours or a competitors. With Keyhole. you can go beyond basic follower counts and engagement metrics, to get real information how well other Facebook pages are actually performing.

facebook ad tools - keyhole - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From $59/month
Best for: Custom built for marketing agencies, non-profit and media focused in-house teams.

WordStream Facebook Ads Performance Grader

A free analytics tool, WordStream Ads Performance Grader shows exactly how well your Facebook campaigns are performing. Wordstream gives you a steer of how you fit into the competitive landscape and offers actionable advice to help improve your performance.

Facebook ad tools - WordStream Facebook Ads Performance Grader - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Free
Best for: Anyone running ads on Facebook and want to take their campaigns to the next level.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides social media management, analytics and data intelligence solutions to marketers who want to empower their marketing strategies. The social analytics platform allows teams to collaborate in real-time and turn social data into actionable insights.

facebook ad tools - social sprout - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: From $99/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and social media marketing management teams.

Facebook ad reporting tools and software

Facebook ads reporting tools help you save time to create professional, customised reports that your clients and company executives will fall in love with. Browse our recommendations below.


AdEspresso includes the obvious, but most useful features you would expect from a Facebook ad reporting tool such as easy-to-read visual analytics, the ability to create custom reports and metrics to dive deeper into the performance of your ads.

facebook ad tools - adespresso - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $49/month
Best for: Agencies, ecommerce, small businesses and any type of advertiser.


Social media analytics tool that provides you access to real-time engagement data that exports to Excel. Crowdbooster is more than just an analytics tool, as it can recommend the best days/times post, who to engage and a summary of how to improve your social media efforts.

facebook ad tools - crowdbooster - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $250/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and consultants.

Report Garden

Report Garden handles all aspects of client PPC management. The reporting tool allows you to manage and automate PPC accounts, create proposals for new clients and invoice existing accounts.

Price: Starting from $250/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and consultants.


Swydo helps you measure and analyse the specific KPIs you need to monitor Facebook ads campaigns to allow your clients to make data-driven decisions. The reporting tool also brings together your PPC, SEO and Google Analytics data together, so that you can report on multi-channel performance in one place.

facebook ad tools - swydo - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $250/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and consultants tracking multi-channel performance.


Stay on top of your paid social performance with Whatgraph reporting. With Whatgraph, you can easily track and measure your conversion metrics based on campaign, ad set and ad all in one place.

facebook ad tools - whatagraph - www.ruleranalytics.com

Price: Starting from $250/month
Best for: Marketing agencies and consultants.

What can you learn from Facebook ad tools?

Facebook ad tools make it easier for you to track and analyse the performance of your campaigns.

They essentially provide proof on the success of your campaigns by reporting on real value rather than relying on vanity metrics.

When it comes to budget allocation, you can assign more resources to the campaigns and ads that have the most impact on your revenue and reduce spend on those that haven’t contributed to your bottom line.

Facebook ad tools like Ruler can even help you confront the most complex questions commonly asked by company executives and clients, such as:

… and many more.

Have you found the right Facebook ad tools for your marketing?

Whether you want to become more productive, or simply want to impress your clients or company executives with your results, then investing in a Facebook ad tool is the best way to move forward.

With a tool like Ruler, you can go beyond basic conversion tracking in Facebook to attribute revenue directly to your advertising efforts.

Choosing the right solution is no simple task, but hopefully, we’ve made the process a little easier for you with our shortlist of software and tools.

Want more information about Ruler? Download the guide on how Ruler works or book a demo and see it in action for yourself.

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This article was originally published in November 2020 and was last updated on 27th April 2022 for freshness.