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How to integrate LiveChat interactions with Salesforce

How to integrate LiveChat interactions with Salesforce

How do I integrate LiveChat interactions with Salesforce?

Pro tip: Download the guide on live chat tracking and find out which channels, campaigns and keywords generate the most valuable sales chats. 

When used correctly, LiveChat is a powerful tool for converting qualified traffic into leads and customers.

Ruler Analytics easily integrates with LiveChat, allowing you to monitor the performance of your web chat and its role in driving leads and revenue. You can send this data to Salesforce to monitor sales chats happening through LiveChat and use this insight to double down on the tactics that contribute the most value for your business.

How to send LiveChat conversions to Salesforce using Ruler Analytics

The Ruler Analytics integration lets you create leads and contacts from chats in Salesforce and assign lead source data. Here’s how it works. 

Capture each anonymous visitor over multiple touch points and traffic sources

Ruler will ensure your data is captured on a visitor level so that it can match leads, conversions or sales back to the marketing touchpoints that generated them across multiple channels, ads and keywords.

Pass LiveChat conversion and marketing lead source data to Salesforce

When an anonymous visitor converts into a lead via LiveChat, Ruler will match their conversion details with their unique marketing touchpoints and pass the data it’s captured to Salesforce.

⚠️ Important note: You’ll need to set up custom fields in Salesforce to send first/last click data from Ruler Analytics. We have a guide on how to create custom fields in Salesforce that can help you get started.  

Attribute Salesforce revenue from closed/won deals to your marketing tactics

When a lead agrees to a deal or completes a sale, the revenue data will get sent back to the Ruler dashboard so that you can measure the impact of your marketing sources, campaigns, keywords and ads based on monetary values.

Send Salesforce revenue data to the tools you use every day

Ruler can retrieve information about your won deals and feed that data into your marketing platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising, allowing you to clearly measure and report on the return on investment for your marketing campaigns.

Ready to attribute revenue back to LiveChat? 

Want to learn more about tracking LiveChat leads in your CRM? Book a demo today and see how Ruler Analytics closes the loop between LiveChat and Salesforce

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