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How to integrate inbound phone calls with Salesforce

How to integrate inbound phone calls with Salesforce

Does your business rely on inbound calls to generate new sales?

Chances are, your marketing is driving inbound calls.

Understanding how many calls each marketing channel has generated is essential data. It allows you to calculate the ROI of your PPC, SEO and other marketing activities and helps justify your marketing spend.

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool that makes it easy for you to integrate phone call data with Salesforce with no need for coding.

Integrate Ruler and Salesforce to easily match phone calls to marketing campaigns and your closed revenue data.  

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And remember, with Ruler, you can capture more than just calls. You can capture detailed marketing interaction data such as channel, source, campaign and keyword, allowing you to gain full visibility into the customer journey and track which outputs drive the most revenue. 

How to send call tracking data to Salesforce

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to send call tracking data into Salesforce using Ruler Analytics.

Use call tracking to capture incoming leads

Ruler Analytics call tracking works by using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology. This overrides the static phone number on your website and generates a unique number for every visitor. 

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Ruler call tracking numbers are free unless you require a specific number type. You can contact us to learn more about call tracking packages and allowances.

Our packages also include visitor identification and keyword level tracking so you can see exactly where your customers are coming from, and which keywords are most effective in bringing visitors to your website.

Match phone call data with marketing touchpoints

When an anonymous visitor makes a phone call, Ruler will update the data on that user to create a journey map for what is now known as a lead. This means you’ll be able to link one inbound call to a whole host of marketing touchpoints that user had in their journey to conversion.

Send phone call data and lead source to Salesforce

Ruler will fire all the marketing and conversion data it has collected on that lead to Salesforce, allowing sales to see what specific products, services, and/or features each lead was interested in while browsing your website.

  1. Click the Object Manager tab and click to create a new object 
  2. Next, list all of the fields accessible for this object 
  3. Then enter the required field details (these can be different fields depending on the type you’re creating) 
  4. You will need to add in field name, field description and a help text
  5. Next step you need to define the field security, by selecting to which type of users the field will be visible and accessible
  6. Lastly, you need to select the page layout, when applicable.

Attribute revenue from closed/won deals to your marketing campaigns

Say a user converts after having called you, Ruler Analytics can use its tools to scrape the revenue data from Salesforce and fire it to your favourite reporting tools like Google Analytics. This means that you can track conversion data alongside all of your traditional metrics.

Interested in learning more?

Are you ready to implement call tracking and link up your CRM to your phone calls? Ruler Analytics is the perfect solution to ensure you can track inbound calls and accurately attribute them back to your marketing. 

Book a demo with our team to see how else we can support you make the most out of your Salesforce CRM. 

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