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How to integrate Intercom Leads with Salesforce

How to integrate Intercom Leads with Salesforce

How can I integrate Intercom and Salesforce?

Salesforce and Intercom are invaluable CRM tools that can transform the way you do business. 

Combined, they can provide vital insights into your consumers’ behaviour, allowing you to identify the next steps to take in boosting your marketing revenue. The trick is getting them both integrated so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Here’s our guide on how to integrate Intercom Leads with Salesforce with minimal effort.

How to integrate Intercom leads with Salesforce

Integrating Intercom Leads with Salesforce offers a variety of benefits. Keeping your data in sync and automatically assigning communication touchpoints to leads, integrating these two apps makes marketing attribution just that little bit easier.

  • To be able to integrate Intercom Leads with Salesforce, you need full admin permissions on both sides.
  • The Salesforce app is available on the Intercom app store - click Install Now to get started.
  • When the access permission page appears, click Authorise Access to enable the flow of data between apps.
  • This will start the syncing process, where data is synced between both Intercom and Salesforce. This means new leads will be recorded automatically whenever a user or lead is updated.
  • To make sure your options are set and fields are filled correctly, you can configure your data mapping preferences via Salesforce settings.
  • You can choose to ‘Map leads and contacts’, or to ‘Map attributes for leads and contacts’. This is where you can customise your settings to suit your mapping preferences.
  • Once this is done, you’re all set up.

Automate integration between Salesforce & Intercom

Don’t have time to mess with integrations and app settings? You don’t have to.

Ruler Analytics is a marketing attribution tool, designed to make your day easier. Ruler allows you to byp-ass the above steps in integrating Intercom leads with Salesforce, saving you time and money as you work. Ruler takes the initiative in automating the flow of data between your favourite apps.

Ruler bridges the gap between your Intercom leads and Salesforce data. It works by tracking leads from Intercom and their marketing touchpoints - then passing this data on to Salesforce once they convert.

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