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How to integrate Olark with Salesforce

How to integrate Olark with Salesforce

Olark is a key tool for businesses looking to directly engage with website visitors.

This live chat tool can support your sales team to answer questions quickly and convert website traffic into leads. 

But, connecting Olark with Salesforce is tricky as the key data you need is generally locked within each tool. Ruler integrates with Olark to allow you to better track your live chat conversations and to fire data to tools like Salesforce.

With this integration you’ll be able to send lead data from Olark to Salesforce, and prove how much revenue customer journeys that included Olark as a touchpoint have made. 

How to send Olark conversions to Salesforce using Ruler Analytics 

Ruler Analytics integrates with Olark and Salesforce and allows you to better access key data within each app. Keep reading for the step-by-step guide on how this integration works. 

1. Capture each anonymous visitor over multiple touchpoints and traffic sources

Ruler tracks your anonymous website visitors every time they engage with your content and campaigns giving you a full picture of their marketing journey. 

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Take the screenshot below, for example.

Looking at this specific journey, we can see that a visitor clicked on a Google Ad after searching the keyword "marketing attribution" and converted via a form fill.

2. Send Olark lead data over to Salesforce at the conversion

When a website visitor convert into a lead via Olark, Ruler will match them to their previous marketing engagements and send the relevant data over to Salesforce. 

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This means that when you log into your CRM, you’ll be able to see your original source data and get a better understanding of what your lead is interested in. 

3. Attribute closed sales in Salesforce to your marketing tactics

When your lead closes into a sale, Ruler gets to work again. It will scrape the revenue data inputted to Salesforce and fire it to the Ruler dashboard where it’s automatically attributed to the influencing campaigns, channels, ads and more. 

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By you can filter your performance data, improve your campaigns, reduce waste, and make data-driven decisions to boost ROI.

4. Send Salesforce revenue data to the tools you use every day

When Ruler scrapes your key revenue data from Salesforce, it can also send this to tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager and more. 

There, the revenue will be automatically attributed to the influencing channels and campaigns. 

Ready to attribute revenue back to Olark? 

Learn more about the Ruler and Olark integration or book a demo today and see how Ruler can improve the quality of your data.

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