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How to integrate phone calls with Pipedrive

How to integrate phone calls with Pipedrive

Knowing how many calls each channel has generated is essential.

It allows you to calculate the ROI of your PPC, SEO and other marketing activities and helps justify your marketing spend.

Ruler Analytics makes it easy for you to integrate phone call data with Pipedrive—no coding required.

You can build an integration between Ruler and your Pipedrive account to match phone calls generated by your online campaigns against your opportunity and sales data.

With Ruler, you can capture detailed marketing interaction data such as channel, source, campaign and keyword, allowing you to gain full visibility into the customer journey and track which tactics drive the most offline revenue. 

How to send call tracking data to Pipedrive

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to send call tracking data into Pipedrive using Ruler Analytics.

Use call tracking to capture incoming leads

Ruler Analytics call tracking works by using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology.

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This overrides the phone number on your website and generates a unique one specific to each campaign, area or visitor, allowing you to see the exact source from which each visitor was directed to your website.

Ruler Analytics call tracking numbers are free unless you require a specific number type. You can contact us to receive more about call tracking packages and allowances.

Our packages also include visitor identification and keyword level tracking, providing you with further vital information so you can see exactly where your customers are coming from, and which keywords are most effective in bringing visitors to your website.

Match phone call data with marketing touchpoints

When an anonymous visitor makes a phone call, Ruler will update the data on that user to create a journey map for what is now known as a lead.

Send phone call data and lead source to Pipedrive

Ruler will pass all the marketing and conversion data it’s collected to Pipedrive, allowing sales to see what specific products, services, and/or features each lead was interested in while browsing your website.

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By default, Pipedrive doesn’t have; Source, Channel, Campaign and Keyword fields. So you will need to create them manually.

Go to Settings > Customise Fields > and select whichever profile type you want to add your custom fields to (People, Organisations, Deals, etc.):

Navigate directly to the profile type you wish to add the field to (Person, Organisation, Deal, etc.), and add the field directly within its detail view.

If set up correctly, your custom field should be available for use in your Pipedrive account.

Attribute revenue from closed/won deals to your marketing campaigns

Whenever your lead converts into a sale, Ruler Analytics will utilise a pre-built integration to pass real conversion and revenue data back to your favourite reporting tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook allowing you track conversion data alongside all of your traditional metrics.

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Interested to learn more about Ruler?

The team at Ruler Analytics are ready to provide you a demo of the call tracking and marketing attribution solution in action. Book a demo today to discover the many benefits of Ruler Analytics for yourself.

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