4 Things Google Analytics Can’t Tell You

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Google Analytics is the Most Popular Web Analytics Software in the World


It’s good – so good in fact that in Econsultancy’s Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2013, it was revealed that 56% of businesses rely exclusively on Google for web analytics.

However, Google Analytics is not the all-in-one analytics platform it’s made out to be. Sure, it’s packed full of features, but there are things it can’t do and crucially, the things it can’t do are some of the most valuable for businesses. In this article, those things will be revealed.


Who’s Calling and Which Marketing Campaigns are Delivering Phone Calls

If you have a phone number on your website, and you are using Google Analytics exclusively, then you have absolutely no way to collect data about each individual call. You are missing out on a lot of valuable data that can be provided by another analytics software – data that can help you make operational improvements and track call performance.

For example, our analytics software, Ruler Analytics, tracks every step of a phone call from the length of time it takes to answer phone calls to who is calling, with company information to help you form the best possible relationship. You can analyse the quality of inbound calls and identify which calls came from which marketing campaigns you are running.

From your Ruler dashboard, you can see the number of the caller, the date of the call, the time of the call, the duration of the call and listen to a recording of the call. Find out more


How individual users are using your website

Within Google Analytics you can gather a lot of data about your users. However, what you can’t do is track individual users. The benefit to being able to do this is that you can assess exactly how somebody is using your website and from this plan exactly how you could improve that person’s experience.

You could even track multiple users and check for behaviour similarities to improve your site for higher conversions or better user satisfaction.

The Holy Grail of this feature is real-time tracking. Our analytics software offers this, so you can effectively track an individual at the user level in real-time.


How individual users convert and the processes they go through

Who’s converting? Who isn’t? The fact is, you have no idea with Google Analytics.

All you have is a conversion rate for your page and no information to go on. You can’t see who is converting and who isn’t. The benefits of being able to see this are obvious – you’ll discover patterns in user behaviour that will lead to website improvement.

You will be able to track your customer’s journeys and see which points were of the most benefit to them.

For example

if an individual user spends plenty of time on your pages reading the product information and suddenly abandons their shopping cart, something may be wrong.

And if you can see other individuals who have done this, then something’s definitely wrong.


What companies are visiting your website

Large B2B corporations that receive hundreds of thousands of visitors every month to their website need a way to filter the best leads.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics offers very little by way of user information except for age, gender, location and what device they are using – there is no personal information to go on, so many leads are lost.


Ruler Analytics goes into much more detail about your visitors.

Our software has a Visitor Detail page that shows additional information about each visitor.

For instance, you can see a visitor’s company information, their latest conversions, their latest phone call, their usage details and if the data is available, a picture of that person, their name, email address and a Google Map.

This ensures you can filter out the high-quality leads and follow up on them; it ensures you get the most out of your website and the data that it can produce for you.

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