5 Reasons why you need to Start Monitoring your Business Calls

5 reasons why you need to start monitoring your business calls - www.ruleranalytics.com5 reasons why you need to monitor your business calls - www.ruleranalytics.com

You have a 30-50% Chance of Converting a Lead into a Customer over the Phone


Regardless of whether potential patrons want to know more about a product or existing clientele have a pressing problem that needs solving, every call your business receives is of the utmost importance.

However, numerous organisations don’t give this long-established form of communication the attention it deserves.

This is despite the fact monitoring business calls can bring about numerous far-reaching rewards, which include:


Improving Employee Performance

Various companies will listen in on the phone calls a new hire makes and receives during onboarding or initial training to make sure they are up to speed with important operational processes.

But why should business call monitoring end there?

Just because employees understand what is required of them doesn’t mean to say they are the finished article or performing to the best of their abilities. Therefore, implementing call monitoring to see where improvements to staff performance can be made while liaising with clients and customers is hugely beneficial.


Identifying How Many Calls You Have Missed

Missing just one telephone call might not seem like a big deal, but what if it was a lucrative client or customer that wanted to place a big order?

By failing to get an answer, they may feel as though you don’t care about their money and will look elsewhere, such as an industry competitor. Introduce tracking software however and you can identify how many calls you have missed and at what times they weren’t answered.

With this information, you can piece together a strategy that ensures crucial calls are never missed.


Effectively Dealing With Customer Complaints

The customer service representatives that are tasked with listening and resolving complaints don’t always have an easy time of things.

However, monitoring your business calls can provide a helping hand to these employees, especially with difficult customers. For example, some callers may complain about the service they received or claim your staff promised something when in fact they didn’t

If this is the case, simply listen back to the call, find out what was said, and come to an accurate and amicable solution.


Understanding What Keywords are Generating the Call

Even if clients and customers are looking at your products or services online, they may choose to get in touch via the telephone instead of email or live chat.

But how do you know where their interest came from and why they chose to call?

Well, with the exclusive call-tracking feature from Ruler Analytics, you can see what keywords are encouraging communication. If you are running a PPC campaign with a particular keyword that is generating plenty of calls, it could well be beneficial to introduce additional SEO or social media activity for the same keyword.


Discovering In-Depth Customer Information

Whenever an employee picks up the phone, they very rarely have an idea of who might be on the other end.

Without information about why they are getting in touch, your staff might not be able to deal with their enquiry in an effective way. However, Ruler Analytics has the ability to show you the journey each individual took before making the call.

Your staff can identify who the caller is, where they are calling from and even what type of browser they are using or what content they are consuming.


What Could you use to Measure these Fundamentals?

Ruler Analytics call tracking feature can provide you with the following:

  • Phone Call Source Report – This enables you to identify which marketing channel is producing the most leads.
  • Recent Call List – Using this feature allows you to identify the numbers of your recent callers, as well the keyword they used to find your website.
  • Stat Report – The Phone Call Stats report allows you to see an overview of your results which includes; the number of calls you’ve received over a specific period, the percentage of your missed calls, the average duration per phone call and the time it takes to answer.

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