The Past, Present and Future of Call Tracking

The past, present and future of call tracking -

Wave Goodbye to the Past and Present Methods of Call Tracking, as the Future Promises to Provide more in-Depth and Insightful Information about your Leads


There are a number of reasons why businesses use call tracking to receive astute and incisive information about their telephone leads. It can streamline marketing activity, increase efficiency among your workforce, and perhaps most importantly, boost the bottom line of the business.

But for the purposes of this article, Ruler Analytics is going to take a look back at all the different types of call tracking, while at the same time, highlighting their respective differences and implications.


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Campaign Level Call Tracking

This is the most basic form of call tracking and involves buying a volume of telephone numbers before assigning each number to a specific campaign.

With the ability to use the numbers for both offline and online campaigns, you can measure the performance of your digital marketing activity quite easily. However, an issue you are likely to face is attribution, because when someone calls, the campaign is simply attributed to the number they dialled.

Take this scenario for example. A visitors arrives at your website through a Pay-Per-Click advertisement, takes a look around, decides to leave, but then comes back directly two days later and completes a conversion. Your data will attribute the conversion to direct when in reality it was PPC that did all the hard work.


Session Level Call Tracking

This is based on “dynamic number insertion” technology. In contrast to campaign level call tracking, a session based telephone number is assigned to each and every one of your website visitors.

Once again, session level tracking follows a last click attribution model. So, irrespective of whether an individual has visited your site before or not, the source used to generate the call and conversion will receive no credit.



Visitor Level Call Tracking

Although similar to session level call tracking, as it also uses dynamic number insertion technology for each visitor, visitor level call tracking includes more detail into prospects and leads than ever before

Session level call tracking will only provide you with information about one specific journey and doesn’t tell you whether an individual has made previous visits or decided to come back.

But with visitor level call tracking, you can see if an individual has browsed your website content before making that all important call. You are also told what source they used to find you.

As you will no doubt agree, the vast majority of customers won’t convert without looking elsewhere first, which is why the information visitor level call tracking provides is so valuable.


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Hold the Phone – What is the Best Option for you?

Few businesses would argue with the potential downsides of both campaign and session level call tracking. After all, the last click attribution model can provide you with wildly inaccurate data about leads and conversions, which could then have an adverse impact on future sales and marketing activity.

The last thing you want to do is cut your social media marketing budget because a flawed call tracking method says most conversions happen directly, when in fact Facebook and Twitter are the channels where most people discover your business.

If you are serious about measuring the performance and ROI of your marketing channels, then you must recognise the dangers of last click attribution and choose a visitor level call tracking method instead.

Here at Ruler, we fully support visitor level call tracking with our all-encompassing analytics package. What’s more, we can also record and playback your business phone calls. Therefore, visitor level call tracking gives you the ability to measure both the quantity and quality of incoming leads.

See what you could be missing out on by booking a call tracking demo today and receive a no obligation, free trial for 30 days too.


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