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How to integrate Intercom with Pipedrive

How to integrate Intercom with Pipedrive

Intercom is the leading communication and support tool for many marketers and sales teams. Its real time connectivity tools allow businesses to generate closer relationships with consumers, providing information and closing deals.

Despite its impressive success in terms of lead generation, Intercom doesn’t act as a full CRM platform. Using Intercom alone, you won’t be able to access vital user information such as marketing attribution data. 

By integrating Intercom with your preferred CRM platforms like Pipedrive, you’ll have a much more detailed view on how your marketing approach is performing.

Here’s how to integrate Intercom with Pipedrive - and one way you can make it all simple.

How to integrate Intercom with Pipedrive

Once Pipedrive and Intercom are synced, you can do much more with your data. From viewing Pipedrive deals in Intercom, to syncing Intercom conversations to Pipedrive once a deal has gone through.

  • On the Intercom app store, search “Pipedrive”. Click on the app and select Install now.
  • When asked to connect your Pipedrive account to Intercom, confirm. 
  • You can now create Pipedrive deals as you converse in Intercom. To do this, click ‘Create Deal’ via visiting your user’s profile. Intercom then syncs basic information to Pipedrive, such as the user’s name and email address.
  • You can also view Pipedrive deals via your Intercom inbox. To see the data, hover your mouse over your lead’s profile.
  • You can now also sync Intercom conversations to Pipedrive - all new deals and their respective conversations will be synced straight to Pipedrive once you’re connected. To view Intercom replies, visit the activity feed of the user.
  • The conversations will be marked as ‘Done’, and conversation transcripts will be fed into Pipedrive. Once a conversation is closed, this is also fed to Pipedrive.

Automate integration between Pipedrive & Intercom

If you’re looking to streamline the whole process regarding app connectivity and integrations, try Ruler Analytics. It’s a powerful marketing attribution tool that automates the flow of marketing data into and between your apps.

Ruler automatically connects the dots between your users, and the detailed steps that turned them into leads.

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Wherever they’ve interacted with your brand, whether that’s entering their email in a form or connecting with you via Intercom - all the information we have on a user is pulled together cohesively whenever a lead is made.

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With Ruler, you won’t have to configure integrations yourself. It’s all done for you, streamlined and simple. From Intercom and Pipedrive, to Salesforce and HubSpot; have all data between your favourite apps connected instantly.

Try your free Ruler demo today

Ruler is being used by major companies on an international scale, to attribute marketing deals and figure out which channels are driving the best leads. Increase your ROI, with our intuitive platform that allows you to easily track and optimise your marketing campaigns.

Book a free Ruler demo with our knowledgeable team now. If you have any questions, we’re right on hand to answer - we’ll get back to you as soon as possible via the chat tool in the bottom right hand corner.

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