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How to integrate Olark live chat with Pipedrive

How to integrate Olark live chat with Pipedrive

Live chat is an increasingly popular way for leads and customers to directly engage with your business.

Previously seen as primarily for customer service, live chat is growing in popularity as a tool to drive leads.

You can connect with users directly on the page and capture key data to pass onto your sales team in real-time.

When you connect Olark to Pipedrive, you’ll get full visibility of your customer journey which will help you make smarter decisions about your marketing to increase your ROI. 

Ruler is a marketing attribution tool that can push and pull data to and from Olark and Pipedrive. You can connect your lead source along with 60+ marketing variables. Plus, it can scrape revenue data from Pipedrive and fire it to your marketing apps. 

How to send Olark conversions to Pipedrive using Ruler

Keep reading for an easy guide to tracking your marketing lead source and Olark activity directly in Pipedrive by using Ruler Analytics.

Track every website visitor across multiple touchpoints and traffic sources

Ruler Analytics is marketing attribution tool that tracks each and every web visitor and collates their session history using first-party cookies. It allows you to match anonymous website sessions to a single user.  

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Take the screenshot below, for example.

Looking at this specific journey, we can see that a visitor clicked on a Google Ad after searching the keyword "marketing attribution" and converted via a form fill.

Send lead data from Olark into Pipedrive

At the point where a website visitor becomes a lead in Olark, Ruler will collate all of their previous marketing engagements and send it over to Pipedrive.

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So, you’ll be able to log into your CRM and see the original lead source for each lead along with other variables. 

Attribute closed revenue in Pipedrive back to your marketing 

When your lead closes into a sale, whether that’s in a week, a month or a year, Ruler will get to work again. It scrapes the revenue date inputted to Pipedrive and fires it to the Ruler dashboard as well to other key marketing apps.

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There you’ll be able to automatically attribute closed revenue to the marketing channels, campaigns and ads that influenced the sale. 

Want to start attributing revenue back to Olark? 

Want to learn more about tracking live chat leads in your CRM? Book a demo today and see how Ruler Analytics closes the loop between Olark and Pipedrive.

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