9 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit From Call Tracking

9 ways your small business can benefit from call tracking -www.ruleranalytics.com

Setting up and running a small business is expensive, and usually requires a degree of risk.

You need to maximise your resources and turn a profit quickly and consistently in order to survive. That’s why you need to ensure your marketing is being targeted correctly and generating the best possible results.

If your business generates a lot of telephone enquiries through online marketing activities, it’s wise to invest in call tracking software that can provide you with real insight into the performance of all your marketing activities.


Keyword Level Call Tracking

Keyword level call tracking is a vital tool in analysing your marketing efforts. It assigns a unique phone number to each visitor. These numbers can be sent through to your business landline or mobile.

By monitoring them using analytics software, you can identify essential details about how they found your site, including the exact keywords they used in their search, and any other pages they previously visited.


Track Calls Back to Keyword Searches

Keyword level call tracking allows you to access the keyword your customer searched for that led them to your website, whether that search was organic or paid.

Monitoring the most popular keywords driving traffic to your site enables you to target your marketing more effectively.


How can this Help Your Small Business? 

Even today call tracking is disregarded as a marketing tool, despite it’s benefits. Below is a number of ways call tracking can not only provide you with more insight into the performance of your marketing channels, but how it can also have a positive impact on your ROI.


Measure the Impact of Your Content

Tracking your callers’ activities on your website offers you insight into which pages they visited before they made their call.

This enables you to see which of your pages are driving the most conversions, plus how much time visitors actually spend engaging with your site.


Go Beyond Last Click Attribution

Going beyond last click attribution will allow you to measure the activity that led up to a conversion. For example, say an individual finds your website via your PPC campaign. They visit your site and leave, but then return a day later via a direct search and convert by telephone.

The direct search would be credited for the conversion, when in fact the PPC ad started the process.

Many marketers only credit the last click. Ruler Analytics allows you a deeper understanding of the processes leading to each conversion, giving you a more realistic picture of the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Integrate with Other Web Applications

Ruler Analytics allows you to integrate with other online applications, so you can automate certain tasks for increased productivity.

You can send your call data straight from your Ruler dashboard to CRM or your mobile device, and set it up for actions such as sending you a text whenever your website receives a call.


Detailed Call History

A detailed call history will allow you to revisit previous prospects, whether or not they converted in the past. If you have a new service or product to offer, the ability to retrieve potential customer details offers you the chance to approach them again.

As they will already have some knowledge of your company, it’s much more likely than a cold call to lead to a conversion.


Potential Geo-Location Business Expansion

The core aim for any start-up or small business is growth. Call tracking allows you to find out the geographical locations of the people who are calling your company. This will enable you to assess which geographic areas you are generating the most business from, and identify potential opportunities for expansion.


Improvements to Your ROI

Calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) of all your marketing activities is essential as it shows you what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to allocate your marketing budget effectively.

Keyword level call tracking shows you exactly how much traffic has been driven to your site by each individual marketing activity.


Improvements to Your Operational Standards

Call tracking enables you to record and play back all your phone calls. This allows you to build up an accurate picture of your customers, their preferences and dislikes. This will assist you in providing exactly the right services and/ or products your customers need the most.


Improved Staff Management

With the ability to record and play back phone calls, in addition to gaining a greater understanding of your customers, you can also monitor your staff.

This is a highly effective means of ensuring that your staff are providing the best levels of customer support, and increasing conversions. It can also be a very effective training tool.


Don’t be Left Behind

A wide variety of businesses across all industries are already using Ruler Analytics call tracking, including hotels, law firms, medical surgeries and tradesmen, gaining a significant edge over their competitors.

If you want to stay ahead in your field, and would like to learn more about Ruler Analytics keyword level call tracking and web analytics, please don’t hesitate to request your free demo. This also comes with a FREE 30-day trial, enabling you to explore the many benefits of Ruler Analytics for yourself!


9 ways small businesses can benefit from call tracking - www.ruleranalytics.com


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