Google Ads Call Extension Updates You Might Have Missed

AdWords Call Extension Updates You Might Have Missed -

I just found myself updating one of our customers about some recent changes to Google Ads Call Extensions when I thought to myself:

“Wouldn’t everyone benefit from knowing this?”

So, here I am.

All up in your inbox preaching about your PPC.

AdWords Call Extension Updates You Might Have Missed -


Even though these Google Ads call extensions updates took place a few weeks ago, a lot of people we’ve spoken to still aren’t aware of them.

Paid search is an incredibly competitive environment. It’s important that you’re keeping up-to-date with every opportunity Google serves up.

Google isn’t stupid – they know the amount of value high-quality calls can drive to your business.

So, on the 8th March, Google announced several updates to their Google Ads call extensions.


Account-level Call Extensions

There are three levels to your Google Ads account hierarchy: ad group level, campaign level and account level.

Previously, it was only possible to add call extensions at ad group and account level. This provided a lot of flexibility but made rolling out changes slow.

To speed up the time it takes to benefit from this feature, Google has now made it possible to add Google Ads call extensions at account level.

Meaning, that every compatible ad within that account will now benefit from having a number displayed alongside it in the search engine results page.


New Look Google Ads Call Extensions

Although Google is constantly tinkering and testing with iterations of their ad design, they also introduced a completely new format that now includes the businesses name suffixed onto the end of the phone number.


AdWords call extension update you might have missed -


Keep an eye out, as Google will continue to test new designs for call only ads, including the addition of caller satisfaction ratings.


Updated Call Reporting for Keywords and Ad Copies

New details will soon be added to the keyword and ad copy reports.

Additional details include columns for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls”, which will be added to the keyword and ad copy reports in the near future.

These changes are designed to give advertisers a more in-depth view of call performance and make it easier to identify opportunities to improve their campaigns.


Automated Call Extensions

Not currently live but due in the upcoming future, Google is also introducing automated call extensions to the public.

Previously only available to a few advertisers, automated call extensions will identify landing pages that already feature a prominent phone number, and automatically set up a call Google Ads extensions and call reporting for this phone number to help you drive more calls to your business.

If you’re reading this post and you’re an avid PPC fan like myself, you will know that Google Ads hosts it’s own call tracking service.

Yeah, it’s good, but it hasn’t got a patch on our call tracking system here at Ruler Analytics.

Our call tracking system is simple and provides a multitude of benefits.

We use dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology. Basically, a unique number is given to each of your website visitors.

This allows us to track your visitors individually, meaning we can see exactly what pages a visitor looked at before making that all important phone call to your business.

That’s not all…

Ruler Analytics can also provide you with the source and keyword an individual used to find your website and will identify your visitors historically over multiple sessions.

Call tracking is awesome if you want to turn you slow and steady PPC campaign into a revenue-generating machine

AdWords Call Extension Updates You Might Have Missed -

To learn more on how to supercharge the way you measure your marketing with call tracking, head on over to our book a demo page and get in touch with us today.

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